We Missed The Boat

…but the view was great!

We considered taking out the canoe on Saturday but opted out since the wind was whipping. Boats zipped along the Elizabeth River. We footed along the shore and watched the activity.

Hoot and hollers for good catches traveled the air waves.

Some boats whizzed by, occupants unseen.

Others made their way a bit more leisurely.

They all managed to kick up a few waves to lap upon the shore at our feet.


And Wylie…well, she was thrilled we didn’t take the canoe. She enjoyed swimming, rolling in the grass, and running along the bank.

A day with wind and water was enough to rejuvenate each of us.

19 thoughts on “We Missed The Boat

  1. Faaaaaaaabulous photos, Suzi!

    That first one is GORGEOUS. What a view!

    Looking at your photos reminded me of when I lived in Florida and my family had small speed boat which we could ski on. Oh….what fun!

    Love the shot Wylie! What a cutie!

    Thanks for sharing your day, my friend!


  2. What beautiful scenery! I’m sure being near the water was a treat — Wylie’s face depicts that perfectly! It doesn’t look like Fall color has gotten to your part of the country yet, though.

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