On Doing The Difficult

Bless my mind and body wholly and holy to get me where I’m going.

Help me climb the steps if it leads where I need to be.

Teach me how to walk the path of resistance if it is what I’m meant to follow.

Though you allow me to choose, I ask you to enable me to decide.

Allow me to discern your requests and my expectations.

Grant me the vision to see the trail if it is not clearly defined.

Motivate me to take the first step where I have not treaded.

Discipline me to enable me to learn the lesson before me.

Endow me with the tools necessary to complete the task.

Give me strength to keep trying when I feel like giving up.

Might I always demonstrate my best effort.

I pray you replace my fear with courage.

I ask you to empower me with wisdom.

May you inspire me to go the distance.

May you guide each step of my journey .

23 thoughts on “On Doing The Difficult

  1. Suzi, I read this twice because I wanted to absorb every word.

    Faaaaaaaabulous, my friend! This is one that I should read every single day.

    This part stood out the most for me, because this is where my own challenge lies…

    “Allow me to discern your requests and my expectations.”


    Thanks for sharing…X

    • I sometimes must write these type of things out to encourage myself on what is before me that particular day. Today I’m struggling with a project and keep reworking instead of trusting…

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  3. What a powerful prayer! This is truly lovely. I especially like, “Though you allow me to choose, I ask you to enable me to decide.” So many decisions in life are made without His guidance. I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

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