For The Very First Time, HDR Photography That Is

“With photography a new language has been created. Now for the first time it is possible to express reality by reality. We can look at an impression as long as we wish, we can delve into it and, so to speak, renew past experiences at will.” ~Ernst Hass

Dirt Man takes some incredible HDR shots. I am always envious at his results. This weekend while at Botanical Gardens he talked me through it. Capturing the photograph is easy…it’s the post processing program that is time consuming. However, the results are well worth the trouble! These are my first and only three HDR photographs taken of the Annette Kagan Healing Garden; I simply call it the Zen Garden.

28 thoughts on “For The Very First Time, HDR Photography That Is

  1. Way to go, Suzi!

    Great job! I love the look of HDR photography and have fiddled around with it myself.

    “Capturing the photograph is easy…it’s the post processing program that is time consuming.”

    You’re absolutely right!

    Love the opening quote you shared by Ernst Hass!


    • I love the look of the pics, but it’s so much work to achieve it. I think I’ll stick to regular photography and leave the HDR to Dirt Man. I might play with it every now and then though!

  2. It IS a new light, one that provokes thought and attention. It’s close to what I recognize as “real,” but with a subtle difference. Hmm.

    I recognize HDR as a video term (high density resolution?), but had not heard it used with still photography. Perhaps you could explain in a paragraph or two for those of us not on, or even close to, the cutting edge? Does this take a super-power SLR camera?

    • Sharon, It HDR (yes, high density resolution) can be done with a super power camera (like my hubby’s) or a simple point and shoot like mine. You download an HDR program to your camera card and it does the work. It takes the same shot with different shutter speed. The computer program merges the photographs and then the work and time comes in when you tweak (post process) to reach your own artistic endeavors. It is a lot of fun. Tonight I’ve taken several still shots and played with Picasa with HDR effects…having more fun doing it this way!

  3. I have read instructions for HDR photos, and I have played in Photoshop Elements to try to achieve a similar look – I love the range, the density of the colors, the sharpness of the edges, for most pictures. Being a lazy picture taker, any HDR effects I might achieve will have to be done in PSE.

  4. Look at you! Getting all FANCY and stuff!! So cool! I love HDR. I learned how to do it using raw shots and three exposures, then blending it all in Photoshop. It really is incredibly detailed. Love these! You did good. Be careful…photography is VERY addicting.

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