For The Love Of Butterflies

Here are a few more of the butterfly pics I took at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I took way too many to share them all. I even threw in a couple of caterpillar shots as well.

This one is reading up on where he came from!

How many caterpillars do you see?

Not sure what these guys are doing!

36 thoughts on “For The Love Of Butterflies

  1. Suzi, you ROCK!

    Every single one of these photos are breathtakingly beautiful! Everyone is so uniquely different.

    And brava to you for capturing the butterfly on the book!

    *two thumbs up*

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend!


  2. what lovely photos, Suzi, especially that first blue butterfly and the last white one! My neighbors have a butterfly bush and get to enjoy these beauties all the time — perhaps I need one, too!

    • At first I didn’t even see the caterpillars because they blended.
      I thought they were mating and then someone told me one lays the eggs and the other fertilizes and they appear to be two different types, so I’m not sure if they are or not.

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