Falling Into Autumn

Dirt Man and I had an awesome weekend. We started out Friday night with wine tasting at our favorite local wine store and then had dinner with our grown children.

Saturday we attended the Military Aviation Museum’s Biplanes and Triplanes event. I took so many cool photos it’s going to take me several posts to share even a few of the highlights. I’ve shared with you the dude rocking the kilt. I got Charlie Chaplin to shake Dirt Man down a few notches. They performed an airshow of the war planes with an awesome narration. The museums contained not only collectible planes but cars as well. The night was topped with a dance and roaring twenties music.  There was supposed to be hot air balloons but the evening was too windy…oh well. And the planes, oh the planes!

Sunday we spent the day at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. What glorious Autumn weather we had. Today I’m just going to throw a few shots of the weekend in here and I’ll post various pictures throughout the week

Notice the bird flying right up there with the planes.


Another Biplane


Did you know the pilots wore scarves to wipe the petrol off their faces? I thought it was to keep the wind off their necks, lol!

Dirt Man was on his best behavior the rest of the night.

What a gorgeous way to end the night!

My favorite spot in the gardens.

Always love the purple!

This beauty was in the butterfly house. A columbine?

Black swallowtail (will post more butterfly pics later this week)

Love this fountain!

…and the lions were out!

I caught a rainbow!

No garden tour is complete without roses.

24 thoughts on “Falling Into Autumn

  1. Love the triplanes! That would be my favorite spot in the garden too, and no, that’s not a columbine, but I can’t remember what it is. So looking forward to seeing more, and glad you had such a lovely weekend.

  2. Oh, Suzi, these photos are just beautiful!

    The one of the butterfly is stunning! What gorgeous colors you captured!

    And the first one with the flying bird and planes is incredible. I actually had to look hard to see that it was a bird because it looks like one of the planes!

    Love the photo of the sunset and plane. It looks like it could be on the front cover of a travel magazine.

    The one of Dirt Man and Charlie Chaplin is priceless! I had a good friend of mine who did a Charlie Chaplin impersonation at Universal Studios in Florida. He looked JUST LIKE Chaplin, it was amazing!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend!


  3. What an awesome fall outing. LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots. The plane and sunset? Truly amazing! And ohhhh, those botanical gardens are to die for. I need to plan an outing soon. Maybe, I can find some fall stuff. 🙂

  4. It does look like you had a great weekend! I absolutely love the photo of the plane at sunset. The black swallowtail butterfly is so unique…I haven’t seen that kind around here before (I mostly see Monarchs, but even those aren’t terribly common.)

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