Hanging On The Edge


Feeling like you’re hanging on the edge?

Sometimes you don’t know whether to jump off or hang on for dear life.

Possibilities can be overwhelming and overestimated.

Maybe you won’t have to hang as long you we think?

What’s the worst scenario if you fall?

Perhaps you can make the second attempt.

And then, the reason you’re hanging on the edge might be something much simpler.

Are you hanging on the edge because something is sneaking up on you and you can’t shake it?

That seems to be happening around here. Tis the season. Allergy season, that is.

First the sneezing and itching eyes show up.

Then the tickle in the throat with the cough…and the runny nose…

Eventually, I feel cruddy all over and can only hope it doesn’t go into more.

For now, I’m hanging on the edge, just trying to shake that bad boy off!

Ha, bet you didn’t think this was where I was going!

Seriously, how can I possibly let a picture like this go to waste?

38 thoughts on “Hanging On The Edge

  1. “Ha, bet you didn’t think this was where I was going!”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Suzi, that was BRILLIANT! You totally caught me off-guard!

    Yes, I know so many people now who are experiencing the same thing – allergies. I usually experience allergies moving from winter into spring. However, the weather here has been so erratic; one day it’s hot and humid, the next day it’s clear and cool. I think that has a lot to do with the allergies people are having.

    Awesome….and I mean AWESOME photo capture!

    *two thumbs up*

    Have a great day, my friend.

  2. What IS that thing?? Something that lives in the water, I’ll bet — can’t you tell I’m an inland sort of girl??! Here’s hoping you’ll feel better soon (have you tried Claritin? Works wonders for me!)

  3. Didn’t see that one coming either Ha Ha

    I was going to come up with something like “sometimes we are hanging on when the fall really is not as far as we think” but never mind that, passing the tissues 🙂

  4. Eeeekkkk that is a creepy picture! Cool, but creepy!

    There are a lot of edges right now in my world.

    But speaking specifically of allergies . . . . oh my! I have not stopped sneezing this morning.

  5. How long did he hang around for?
    The allergy season is a serious bug season for us. So many people have this cough that simply won’t go away. I am heartily sick of it in more ways than one.

  6. You totally threw me off. Great post.

    Yes, allergies have completey snuck up on me, despite my starting to take Nasonex early in the season. This too shall pass.

  7. Sometimes a shot just wanders in front of the camera and begs to be taken! This is one of those shots. But I have to admit, allergies is not where I thought you were going with this one! 🙂

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