Elements Of Surprise

I stood in the midst of a warm rushing wind. Hair tangled across my face, I listened to the whipping and snapping of branches and the whispers of the leaves as they tickled one another. Limbs which had been drooping to the ground swished and swooshed and lifted skyward exposing the veiny undersides of the leaves. My soul soared beneath the wings of wind as it bent and arced its way into another space and time. For a few moments I felt free…and then I slipped back into the day.

I went to bed with the sound of the wind whistling and awoke early to the pounding of a downpour. It quickly softened to a soothing drizzle. All the while the cicadas strummed and drummed away. As the time for me to rise approached the cicadas silenced themselves with sleep.

From an exhilarating breeze to a comforting rain, the elements move me in unexplained ways. Elements of surprise? Perhaps, it’s the surprise of the elements.

32 thoughts on “Elements Of Surprise

  1. “Elements of surprise? Perhaps, it’s the surprise of the elements.”

    LOVE that ending!

    Beeeeeeeautifully expressed post, Suzi! It read like music because I could hear it!

    Stunning photo!

    Thanks for sharing this moment….X

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