No Gym Membership For Me!

Exercise, me? Phooey, don’t believe in the stuff; at least, not the kind that requires a gym membership. I can’t see paying someone to make me sweat! Other than mowing the grass or gardening I must be provided with a photo opportunity upon exertion.

Weeding the flower gardens provide me with many pretty subjects.

Sometimes I catch a great sunset when I stroll through the neighborhood.

I will climb a mountain for an amazing view.

I will paddle a canoe for a fresh perspective.

Hiking takes me down many new paths.

I’ve been known to scramble river rock.

Beach walking hardly feels like exercise.

Swinging is probably more relaxation than physical effort, but it does give me opportunities to take pictures of the birds and bugs in the backyard!

Spin Cycle: Exercise

48 thoughts on “No Gym Membership For Me!

  1. Good post. I have spent money on memberships that make me sweat, but not in quite a while. I like your way much better. You don’t feel the pain with a camera in your hands.

  2. “Exercise, me? Phooey, don’t believe in the stuff; at least, not the kind that requires a gym membership.”

    I feel the EXACT same way, Suzi. I get my exercise by walking briskly around the city all day and doing some stretching and yoga in the evenings. I also like to put on some good music and just DANCE around my apartment – HA!

    I think gym memberships are good for those people who need structure to their exercise. And YOU certainly get a lot of exercise in your walks, canoeing, hiking, etc. Plus, you’re out in nature, which is so healthy and healing.

    Awesome photos! Especially love the sunset and the caterpillar!


  3. I’m with you here! Exercise for the sake of exercise seems stupid to me. I’d rather run along the beach looking for shells, or ride a horse or a mountain bike for the scenery, or ride waves for the fun.

  4. Whew. Lucky me not everyone feels that way! πŸ™‚

    It is great that there are so many ways for people to move. You just happen to have very pretty places to get your sweat on! πŸ™‚

    Great pictures.

  5. So, I do have a gym membership. Yes, I need the structure. Yes, I see a difference when I make a habit of going.
    But I also do the sort of exercise you describe here. I prefer to ramble about though, so it’s not always a good workout Except of course for when I garden. Now that’s a work out!

    • I wish I was good with structure, but I’m afraid my money would be wasted because I know I’d find one excuse after another not to go. And gardening is always a good workout with many rewards!

  6. Yes! And wow! Great shots, Suzi.

    I take a water aerobics class . . . but it’s FREE . . . and outdoors . . . where I can watch the birds, the bees, the crabs, the turtles . . . and the swaying palms.

  7. Bet that was quite a pose you struck while capturing that Swallowtail caterpillar shot… (Downward Dog, right?; ) LOVE your kind of exercise!! Thanks so much for filling my soul today.

  8. Great reasons! Love your photos! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been taking Pilates and have needed the Chiropractor less often because of it. Many beautiful days I hate to go inside and do it though. And take a walk afterward. πŸ™‚

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