Signs Of Summer’s End

…or not. The seasons intermingle and slip into one another. Is there truly a defining sign other than the date?

“Autumn to winter, winter into spring, Spring into summer, summer into fall,– So rolls the changing year, and so we change; Motion so swift, we know not that we move.” ~Dinah Maria Mulock

Not sure what kind of grub/caterpillar this is…anyone know?

Spider are spinning webs.

Campfires roar on the river banks.

Are these insect eggs or fungi?

Leaves are changing colors.

Entire trees are slipping into their Autumn attire.

Caterpillars continue to chop away at leaves.

Berries emerge to sustain the wildlife.

Crops are dying.

Fresh corn has dried to animal feed.

Chestnuts are beginning to fall on the ground.

It’s almost walnut cracking time.

Queen Anne’s Lace has packed her bags.

Yucca has called the season complete.

28 thoughts on “Signs Of Summer’s End

  1. Yep, you’ve captured the beginnings of Fall, all right. What’s hard to picture is the FEEL of fall — the shortening of daylight, the lengthening of shadows, the welcome crispness in the air. Sorry I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of bug in Photo #1.

  2. ..”The seasons intermingle and slip into one another. Is there truly a defining sign other than the date?”

    Isn’t that the truth. It seems that with the weather changes we’ve been experiencing over the past 5 years, there are no longer those definite switches from season to season.

    But I’ve envious because it looks like where you’re at, you can actually SEE the change. I can’t believe you’re actually getting leaf change already.

    I adore fall!

    Beautiful photos, Suzi! Especially enjoyed the corn field and the campfire.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!


  3. These photos are amazing! I always dread “fall”, but it’s gotten better since I stopped working outside of the home. That going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark got to me. Your photography skills look very professional to me.

  4. It’s still August!!!! My mind can’t really think of Autumn yet. Love your photos and that caterpillar is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. No idea what it is though.

  5. It’s still 104 degrees here, so fall hasn’t even crossed my mind (but I’m so ready for it!) These are awesome pics. I have seen several types of caterpillars, but none that look like that first one. The close-up looks so interesting.

    • Oh, yes we still have a bit of summer left, but things start changing a bit earlier in the mountains…and yet they still get “Indian summers” even in November!

  6. Nice photos! Makes me a little sad to see the summer starting to slip away. But I see similar signs of fall all around me here too. Not sure what the first caterpillar is, but the second one is a Saddleback.

  7. I have no idea about the first caterpillar, but I think the second one is a saddleback caterpillar. Lovely photos. I’m of two minds about fall – I love it because it eventually heralds an end to allergy season and whatnot, but I hate cold weather so I’m always sad to say goodbye to summer’s heat.

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