Rusty As Time

What master do you serve? One that locks you out? Or one that invites you in?

Are you holey or holy?

Bad luck? Good luck? Is there really such thing as luck?

We look to the heavens and pray and dream…

We remain strong.

We refuse to come unhinged and we stay flexible.

Sometimes we slip into the background.

We even get raked over the coals and tossed in the can.

We might be all but forgotten,

but the circle of life continues.

22 thoughts on “Rusty As Time

  1. Love your “looking up at the clouds picture”! Not sure whether you’re supposed to hang horseshoes with the ends up or down — one place says up, to capture the good luck, while another says down, to shower that good luck. Perhaps we should concentrate more on making our own good luck??

  2. Once again, Suzi….BRILLIANT pictorial narrative!

    Love how you weave insight between your photos.

    *two thumbs up*

    “Are you holey or holy?”

    Love that, both the photo and the words!

    It’s funny because I love the look of rust!

    Hope you had a FAB Monday!


  3. I never knew rust could be so photogenic (and inspiring). Terrific photos and awesome words to go with them! I had to chuckle at ‘raked over the coals and tossed in the can’ – sheesh, some days feel like that 🙂

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