Advance Token To Boardwalk

The boardwalk offers a little something for everyone.


Food, drink, and shopping

Rickshaws, bikes, skateboards, and skates


Running, walking, shopping, biking…

Places to rest

Fun in the sun…

Hotels, gift shops, and restaurants

Sand, water, and boats




And then there are our great protectors such as lifeguards,

Beach patrol,

the beach’s finest, our police,

and last but not least, our very own Norwegian Lady.

It’s tourist season here in Virginia Beach. What’s it like in your city or town?

Hope you enjoyed the tour…hope you didn’t get tired or overheated!

28 thoughts on “Advance Token To Boardwalk

  1. AWESOME photos, Suzi! You really captured the ‘essence’ of what Virginia Beach feels like!

    So many of these photos reminded me of my time spent in Florida this summer with the palm trees!

    Yes, it’s tourist season here in Philly too. I keep seeing lots of tour buses and the city is bustling with out of towners.Where as in Florida, the tourist season is during the winter months, so it was very quiet while I was there, which I LOVED because it’s not as crowded.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Enjoyed!


  2. I could spend HOURS there! Looks like you’re having a fabulous time. It’s still hot as hell here. And I’m beginning to look forward to winter.

  3. Yay! I loved the tour. And one reason I loved it is because I was not bothered by the heat! I don’t like the heat!

    I don’t notice tourists in our town. We probably have less tourists than work people. People probably come here more for work than touring.

  4. I love visiting the boardwalk and your photos are outstanding as usual. Those chairs in photo #6 I am sure are the ones that my mom spends many hours waiting patiently as I stalk the area camera in hand and eyes piercing to and fro!!!!

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