The Joke Is On Me

I have been known to be quite naïve at times. People tend to say things that go over my head… You know how things have double meanings? Well, I usually take it one way and then “get it” later. Yes, I am often the last to get a joke.  Sometimes I am absorbed in my thoughts am completely unaware of what is actually going on anyway.

While we were on vacation last week:

We rowed our canoe into the town marina. I jump off and head to the local coffee shop for some smoothies for us. It is hot outside but I didn’t want to take my life jacket off so I partially unzip it to let in some air. Besides, I might need it if I misstep or the canoe tips on my way off or back onto the boat. It is one of these small town places the locals hang out. I am greeted with small talk by two grey haired men sitting on the porch. They ask if I have a boat and where I’m from. We talk about the canoe and my dog.

I go inside and order our drinks. I listen to the banter between the barista who is an older woman and a few of her regular customers who all appear to be of retirement age. I realize the tourists are their entertainment.  She asks a tall thin man if he’s feeling better. He tells her he’s starting to gain his weight back and is doing well. He comments to another old fellow that he finds it odd he’s not on his laptop. That man replies he just spilled a whole cup of coffee on the keyboard. “Guess there goes five hundred dollars.”

Drinks in tow, I follow the tall thin man out onto the porch. He joins the other two men I conversed with on my way in the store.

“That thing waterproof?’ asks the youngest and only mustached one of the three.

I assume he is speaking of the small plastic container hooked to the side of my water vest.

“I hope so. The package said it was.” They chuckle. The white hair, tanned skin, shorts, and boat shoes make me think they’re retired fishermen passing time away.

“Carry your cell phone in there?” he asks as he rubs his fingers through his mustache and cups his chin in his hand.

“No, it’s just a tad too tall. And my camera is too wide.”

“You carry your weed in there?”

“My what?”

“Your marijuana.” This time I laugh.

“I carry my ID in it. You know, so you guys will know where to ship my body if I have a boating accident out there.” They all laugh again. The one who asked looks down grinning like he’s proud of himself for coming up with that one. The short one smacks his hand on his knee and the tall skinny one claps his hands together.

We keep laughing and talking. They mostly ask questions and I answer. They tell me I look too young to have grown kids…basically we are just schmoozing. I tell them goodbye and go back to the marina.

I don’t fall as I teeter getting in the canoe. It quickly levels out as I sit in my seat. As I zip my water vest up I see the edge of the ziplock bag sticking out above my zipper line. No one other than DirtMan and I know it contains my camera.

I realize they really must think I’m a hippy swinging into town smoking my weed, canoeing and whatever… Or perhaps they are overgrown hippies and not old fisherman after all. Either way the joke is still one me!

Spin Cycle: Comedy

34 thoughts on “The Joke Is On Me

  1. Ha, ha, ha. I always hate when that happens because I spend DAYS (sometimes even days later) making up the conversation in my head when I actually get to explain/correct what they THINK they saw/knew. You know what I mean? Play the conversation over and over where you actually “get it” and take the bag out to show them it holds the camera? Do you do that? Have that fantasy conversation?

  2. “I’m a hippy swinging into town smoking my weed, canoeing and whatever…”


    Suzi, that was HILARIOUS! What a stellar story!!!

    Great photo too! Love the sky!

    Have a terrrrrific Tuesday, my friend……X

  3. Like Terrepruitt, I too make up those conversations where I explain what went over my head before, because it’s important those people who will never see me again do not think I’m an absolute idiot. What is that about, anyway?

  4. HA! I bet you made their day! They’re probably still thinking about you and what might be in your Ziploc!

    You are linked!

  5. That is what I love about vacation! (visiting with the locals, I mean!) My husband and I always joke when we find a little “secret” compartment in a rental car that that’s where we’re going to put our weed!

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