An Oriental Vacation

Oriental, North Carolina that is!

Though we do not own a sailboat, we maneuvered out way through the creeks along the Neuse River via canoe.

The creeks we canoed are as large or larger than most of the rivers I know. We only crossed beneath the Neuse River Bridge for one trip. The water is a bit choppy due to the fishing/shrimp boats and yachts at the marinas.

Homes stretch along the creek banks. Most have private docks.

Some type of watercraft is tied to almost every private dock.

This is the Neuse River Bridge taken from a canoe’s perspective.

A lone sailboat heads to the harbor at dusk.

A day of cloudy skies usually results in lovely colors at sunset.

A quietness settles in the air as dark descends over the marina.

I sit in the silence with the salt air matting my hair. I inhale the briny air. I stare until I could no longer make out the fine line between the water and sky.

I sit in the stillness for a long time. I sit until I am sticky in the night. Though the waves still chop and crash upon the shores as they did under the sun, the bustling waters of day take on a new persona in the darkness. The setting itself is peaceful yet I feel uneasy. The feeling washes over me quickly, but I remain perplexed by the fear I felt.  Perhaps it is simply that it is not familiar territory.

The lights come one, a few at a time. The chatter picks up and echoes into the night…and then the partying begins.

42 thoughts on “An Oriental Vacation

    • You’re so sweet…one of these days…still trying to get the hubby to set up a site with his HDR photography; totally awesome. I’ll have to send you a FB link to some of his photos.

  1. Love the sailboat heading back to harbor and boats docked in marina as dusk. And felt I was moving right through the setting sun, the uneasy darkness and the comfort of lights clicked on bringing the “orient” to life again. Thanks for bring us along – very nice.

    • It was a pretty sight and soothing. Realized after I wrote the post why I had such an uneasy feeling…attached memories of insecurity of a kindred sight; perhaps I’ll blog about it sometime.

  2. AWESOME photos, Suzi!

    The reflection of the sky in the water in that second photo is stunning!

    “A lone sailboat heads to the harbor at dusk.”

    BEAU-TI-FUL capture!

    Looks like you’re having a wonderful time, my friend!


  3. What a great setting for a vacation – nothing could be better, being with one you love, water, sunshine and the opportunity to ply the waters silently and gracefully.

  4. Enjoyed the photos immensely, Suzicate. What you would see and experience in a canoe is really precious. I kayak any chance I can get and it’s amazing what I see that otherwise eludes me.

    Funny that feeling that can grab us as the sun sets on unfamiliar turf.

  5. Such beautiful photographs and how nicely they reflect your strain of thoughts that evening.The combination of waters, skyline painted by the setting sun, breeze, the gathering darkness..heady isn’t it? I can relate to that uneasiness too. I’d felt that strongly once , while travelling on a train and the night set in over a stretch of landscape that was thickly vegetated , with no sign of habitation for miles and miles.

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