Ramblings of a Drifter

I’ve always been accused of having my head in the clouds.

Honestly, it’s never been a bad place for me to be.

I float in and out of conversations, dreams, and sometimes worlds.

Without imagination and dreams life would be a lonely place for me.

You see, I’m not lonely. Nor do I mind being alone. I find comfort in myself as well as the nature around me. I only seek the company of those who compliment my serenity.

Truth is I often live inside…I am aware of what is going on around me. I just take the current situation and internalize it. I try to experience it on a different level.

Though I admit sometimes I do miss things like important words or body language. So, I’m not perfect…I’m just a drifter living in an ever changing world.

So while I do try to be attentive to the moment, don’t hate me if you find me staring into space seemingly lost in some other world…I might simply be enjoying the blessings of the moment.

Peace be to you and may you drift among the clouds and song birds today.

May the blue of the sky and and green of the trees be a delight to your eyes.

May you occasionally touch the ground long enough to feel the grass beneath your feet and the sand between your toes.

May you smell the fresh fragrance of the air and feel the crispness against your skin.

May you taste the salt of the sea or your tears, for at some time they were one and the same.

May you be comfortable in your skin and your world.

May you find harmony in life and nature.

May you truly experience and enjoy the blessing today offers you.

21 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Drifter

  1. You are indeed a kindred spirit. This post confirms it. My dad said over and over to me growing up, “you’re always in your own little world.” like that was a bad thing. Like you, I like it there. I drift. I wander. I think I feel things on a different level than most people. Loved these sentiments! Here’s to drifting and hanging with the clouds…reminds me of a t-shirt I have that says, “Not all who wander are lost.”

  2. So nice to know I’m not alone! As I’ve gotten older, I have become more discerning in the company I keep in order to maintain my balance. I also refuse to apologise for ‘wandering off’ for a moment if I feel I need to go down inside myself and re-calibrate. My friends and family are very good about allowing me to do just that, and anyone who doesn’t respect my need to do this doesn’t stick around very long.

  3. Enjoying the blessings of the moment can be a sanity-preserving activity. An appreciation-of-life activity. And so much better than stewing about problems, real or imagined.

  4. I am so the person you describe in this post. I don’t think a lot of people understand that just because you’re alone doesn’t make you lonely. Quite the opposite. I think it makes you more creative because it gives you time to think. Lovely post as always:)

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