The Flow

This river will teach you everything you need to learn. The water follows and trusts the current. It doesn’t try to direct itself but allows itself to be pulled easily and naturally to the ocean. The current knows where it’s going. That’s why it’s the current. The twigs bob merrily along the surface and the fish trust everything the current brings. The water is called by what is greater, the ocean, where the current both begins and ends. And this is how we are led when we trust our source and allow that source to lead us along to the fullest, happiest expression of life. ~James F. Twyman

My earliest memories are connected to the river.

Its slushing song soothed me to sleep at night while the wail of water crashing among the rocks commanded me to rise.

In between those hours the gurgles, hums, whispers, splashes, and roars crept in and out of my breaths and steps of life.

Perhaps this is why I am at home with the river, any river.

The river gave me strength; the freedom to leave knowing I could always return.

Many a time this drowning soul has poured her heartaches into the water.

My tears wedded with the river’s flow to create one continuing force.

Sorrows hidden beneath stone, secrets contained within the banks; the river held my time never spilling my confidences even when it overflowed.

The river holds mysteries of time as it travels to the sea.

I feel my soul traveling with its sacred current.

I am an ancient secret traveling through the shores of time.

Never underestimate the importance of roots and the power of wings…whether they’re found in the river or elsewhere.

25 thoughts on “The Flow

  1. Love this! I, too, find comfort in being near water, whether it be a river, a lake, a pond, or the ocean. Since our bodies are made up of so much water, that’s not surprising, is it?!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your bond with the river. I love the roar of rushing water. Water wasn’t a part of my childhood, but as an adult, I have respected its beauty and power.

  3. Water and its soothing nature have always provided me a comfort I cannot explain. I wish I had it near me everyday. When I do get a chance to be around a river or ocean or any large body of water, I try to lean in and relish the calmness of the blue.

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