Lost And Found (Though A Bit Too Late!)

Have you ever lost something and blamed someone else for its demise only to find out later you were wrong, so very wrong? Well, this is one of those times.

I admit I’m a little scatter brained at times. I put things away for “safe keeping” and forget where I put them. Then I find the item AFTER I have replaced it. Other times I just have no idea what has happened to said object. The important thing to note before hearing this story is that I do misplace things. Yes, I admit it.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, one of my sons had a girlfriend that spent a lot of time at our house and traveled with us to the mountains on many occasions. Often she didn’t pack clothing suited to the weather. Once I “loaned” her my favorite pair of socks. You see I have this thing about character socks, you know designs or animals. This one had cute little dogs all over them. She was a big dog person, too.  Anyway, she put them in her suitcase and I never saw them again. I was careful about what I loaned her after that. Still, my son freely loaned her my things. All was fine because I assumed everything was returned.

We had been out of town and upon our return I went to get my “favorite” comfortable t-shirt, and I couldn’t find it. I knew I’d washed it and put it away before leaving. It was GONE. I asked my son if he’d let his girlfriend wear it, and he told me he hadn’t. I emptied every drawer in my room…NO SHIRT! I had another shirt just like it but in a different color. I didn’t want to wear that one…I wanted the one I couldn’t find! I was convinced she had “borrowed” it.

Eventually after a long relationship, they broke up. She was embedded in my brain as the girlfriend thief. Since she’d stolen my socks, I couldn’t break the association between her and my missing shirt.

Two years passed and my other son tossed a shirt at me. “Mom, I found this chick shirt in the bottom of one of my drawers. Does it belong to you?”   I look up to see my beloved grey long sleeve V neck. I was so excited. I immediately went to put it on. It no longer fit. What the heck? Not only did she steal my shirt, but she shrunk it and sneaked  in my house and hid it…that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Spin Cycle: Lost and Found

31 thoughts on “Lost And Found (Though A Bit Too Late!)

  1. I loan things to my kids….never to be seen again. :-/ Funny how the clothing we can’t find MUST be what we need to wear that day, isn’t it?! Too funny!

    • I do that as well. Once I found a book on my shelf I’d borrowed from someone like two years earlier and called her about returning it. Talk about embarrassing she said she wondered when I ever planned on returning it…I’ve NEVER borrowed a book from anyone since!

  2. I actually laughed out loud at this one. You can be very funny, suzi 😛 I have always been the sort of person who gained weight if I even looked at a tasty (and fattening) morsel. But I’m on a joyride these days. Because of ill health, I am losing weight without even trying. It’s not an extraordinary amount, but over the past year or so, it has been 75 lbs. The funny part is my hubby is struggling, trying to lose weight. Here I am able to eat anything and still lose. If the shoe were on the other foot, he would crow happily (and in jest) about being the superior loser. I am far too kind to do that 😛

    • Sandra, when I first started my blog I wrote a lot of funny stuff and somehow I shifted into memoir and inspiration, but I still like to throw in some laughter now and then.
      75 pounds is a lot of weight. I hope you’re ok and it’s not anything serious.
      You’re a better woman than me, cuz’ I’d let my hubby know I was the one losing the weight. Of course, I say this because he lost like twenty pounds and I think every ounce of it found its way to me!

  3. HA! Every time one of Jimmy’s pairs of pants stops buttoning around his ever-expanding belly, he freaks out, claiming that I have shrunk them in the laundry!

    You are linked!!

  4. Too funny, Suzi! A while back, I found my navy windbreaker was missing. I asked Domer about it, but he pleaded ignorant, so I figured I’d left it behind at some restaurant, never to be mine again. One day, while I was checking Domer’s athletic bag, there was my jacket, crumpled up and smelly, but intact! Oh happy day! He still claims he knew nothing about it, never wore it, and wondered why my jacket was in his bag!

  5. That is so funny. Living alone and seeing some of the dumb things I do, I wonder how much I blamed my poor husband when we were together. Even worse, I tore the house apart today to find the house key and it was in my pocket…of the shorts I was wearing! Duh!

  6. Love it. I am always putting things away in “a safe and important place” only to find out later they are lost when I need them. Since I live alone, I have no one to blame .. guess I could invent a prankster ghost to blame (hmmm? he would need a really good name) … if something goes missing outside … of course, the raccoons and squirrels are to blame. 😉

  7. Just did this today. We’re visiting family in Oregon in our RV. Husband was at the park when I came to RV in my car. “Didn’t you leave me a set of keys?” I’m texting him impatiently and a little put out when I see the keys on the passenger seat next to me. Oops. Chagrin. Chagrin….

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