Wylie’s Point Of View

First of all, my folks made me leave my neighborhood boy toy behind.

Then I saw they were loading the canoe on the truck. I was NOT going to be left behind, so I parked my butt in the back seat. Honestly, I thought they’d go somewhere fun and give up that idea of the canoe. I mean I sat in it in the yard once…believe me, it wasn’t much fun. But no, my dad had this great idea of taking me out on the canoe. Mom was a bit hesitant, but dad reminded her vacation was soon and Wylie (that’s me!) needed to get adjusted to the canoe and she needed to have the experience of what to do when I tipped it over. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but again I didn’t want to be left behind so I decided to amuse them a bit.

They drove to this place and unloaded the boat. Then they had the nerve to put this ridiculous thing on me. They called it a water safety vest. It was hot and squashy, but a least it came in pink. (I can only imagine how I must have looked because they didn’t look too great in theirs!) I’m not sure where my people have been, but apparently they didn’t know dogs could swim. I mean, hasn’t everyone heard of the “doggie paddle”? Seriously, they named swimming after my friends…after all, who do they think invented it in the first place?

It was quite an adventure. I didn’t want to get it the boat, so dad picked me up by the straps of that pink contraption and set me in the boat. I almost dunked mom in the water. She might have let out a bit of a squeal as she clung to the sides. Dad laughed and called me a good girl. The man really does know a good dog when he sees one! Dad bossed mom a lot and she complained. First it was too hot, and then she said I wouldn’t sit still. Then she tried to convince dad to row us back to shore because she insisted it was too difficult on me. Ha, at least dad ignored her. If mom had just turned around and looked she would have seen I was wagging my tail. A wagging tail means a happy dog…what more did she want from me?

The biggest problem was the HEAT and there wasn’t any wind at all. When they rowed hard enough which wasn’t often I’d catch a slight breeze. I’d turn and shift to get more cool air. I almost tipped us a few times, but I managed to get us back in balance. Sometimes mom would shift her butt in her seat to compensate for where I chose to stand. I really think she could have done a better job. Maybe she needs a few more sessions.

Often my canine friends would run to the edge of their yards and bark and talk to me. I wanted to jump in and play with them, but the folks wouldn’t stop for me. I shoved my nose in the water a few times. Dad called it brackish, but all I know is it smelled different than river water, and I wasn’t allowed to drink it. Mom packed bottled water and my collapsible bowl for the trip.

Dad said I need a dip. However, he steered us to a mucky are and I didn’t want to get out of the boat there. Really, a girl has the right to pick out the place she wants to get dunked. Needless to say we kept going for a while which was fine with me. I’m not sure why they weren’t having as much fun as me, probably because they haven’t yet learned the art of balance. They rowed to some shady spots which was nice but I think they enjoyed that part more than me.

We saw some other people on kayaks. I tried to get off to meet them, but the folks told me to settle down. I was trying to be friendly, but the folks weren’t having any of it.

When we got back to the dock, dad bent over the boat to help me out. I was quicker than he was. I almost took mom out in the process of jumping out. I must say she has pretty good reflexes and saved herself.

All in all, it was a good day.

No tipping. No one got dumped in the water. Mom was happy about that. Dad was a bit disappointed because he said mom really needed the experience. I Β kinda’ wished I’d jumped in, too!

Some dipping. My people kept me cool by dipping their paddles in the water and splashing me. That’s really the main reason I wanted to jump in the water…you know, to splash them back. Every dog loves a fun water game!

A bit of sipping. Plenty of water to go around.

A lot of dripping. Those people sweat like nobody’s business!

After it was all said and done, Mom said she needed a stiff drink. Dad said he needed one, too. I tried to nose the cooler open to offer them some water.

27 thoughts on “Wylie’s Point Of View

  1. Pay attention here, Suzi – if you listen to Wylie, you’ll soon learn how to canoe and have fun too. Just get that balance thing down.

  2. Wylie, you good girl! You had such a fun day, didn’t you? Nothing like being with your peeps in a canoe on the water, with no hurrying, no worrying!

  3. That picture of the dogs laying in the grass is adorable! I’m impressed that no one got dunked. If we had a canoe I doubt I’d be brave enough to bring our dogs πŸ™‚

  4. This is absolutely adorable. I’ve been thinking about trying Arthur out on one of the paddle boats at the VOA. I’m not sure if they allow 4-legged friends. Can’t decide if this post makes me more or less likely to do it. πŸ™‚

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