Sighs (Not Size!) Of The Week

“A sigh isn’t just a sigh. We inhale the world and breathe out meaning. While we can. While we can.” ~Salman Rushdie, The Moor’s Last Sigh

The beauty of life is such we can only sigh.

Living in the Gap

Life is filled with sighs. We sigh when perplexed, frustrated, angry, relieved, and contented. We sigh with happiness, sadness, and all in between. Sighs come and go with breath. And breathing is what life is all about.

I hear him sigh as he walks out of the heat into an air conditioned house.

Though I don’t realized I am holding my breath, as she finishes her story I let it out in a sigh of relief. Relief that this real life event did not end in tragedy as it very well could have.

Brows scrunched on a reddened, grimy face, a rush of breath escapes his lungs as he pushes against the wrench one final time.

Occasionally she yips, snorts, shakes her legs, and wags her tail. The snoring dog sighs as she rolls over…obviously sleeping is not as restful for canines as it is for humans!

After a particularly stressful work day, I prop my feet and let out a sigh…ready for a weekend of rest.

His hand grips the jar lid I am unable to open. Air expels from his lips as the top loosens from the pickle jar…the jar also lets out a sigh.

The volunteer sunflower succumbs to the heat. She was a beauty with her yellow scarves draped around her. I look at her wilted petals and sigh, knowing this little gypsy has danced one last time.

Beads of perspiration swell across my face and trickle down my neck spilling onto my arms as the sun pelts me. Wiping the sweat from my brow I continue placing the heavy rock through the gardens. Exhausted, I drop the last boulder onto the ground. Thankful I am finished and satisfied with my work, I sigh. I drink a glass of cool water and sigh again.

Have you ever thought about how often you or those around you sigh in the span of one day? How about a week? Think about it and pay attention to breath (yours and those around you) this week. We think of breathing as a means to living, but it is also a means of expression. Pop back in and let me know what you notice for the first time about this simple yet complex function.

“God is an unutterable sigh, planted in the depths of the soul.” ~Jean Paul Richter

30 thoughts on “Sighs (Not Size!) Of The Week

  1. I hadn’t really paid attention to all the different kinds of sighs. Sighs are like a communication form of their own. (Most of mine are out of frustration or when I finally get to flop down in a chair and relax.)

  2. Oh, wow, you’re so right, Suzi! I watch my Sheltie sleep beside my desk while I’m working, and his naps are active! His breath comes like bellows, his paws start flopping around, his nose twitches, his eyelids blink, and he looks for all the world like a dog chasing something — and having FUN at it! Then something wakes him, he exhales a deep sigh, flips to his other side, and drifts into another dream. Excellent post, by the way!

  3. I think I sigh more often than I realize – some of my sighs are heard by my husband as more of a complaint than I intend. Must watch those sighs! And dog sleep – very active sometimes. Sometimes ours snore so loudly I feel a need to nudge them.

  4. Love the title! We notice each other sighing a lot as a way to deal with stress. Whew! Glad that’s over with…Home–at last…ahhh. Many times a day…

  5. There are so many different “sighs” and different meanings behind them all. But the best kind is the kind we utter when looking at a scene like this one!

  6. Ha, ha, no, I don’t think I have ever thought about it. I think some people have a tendency to sigh more than others. I actually don’t think I am much of a sigher, but maybe. I often do control my breath, but don’t sigh too much. I’m gonna pay attention and see.

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