Spin Cycle: Music

Don’t ya jes’ love it

I shook my nonexistent hips like a seesaw and screamed the words as loud as my seven year old lungs could belt. All for the attention of my teenage brother. He loved this song and cracked up when I performed it.

Before that there was Georgie Girl, the song my other brother loved.

And later there was my sister’s Puppy Love…the musical taste declined, but she made up for it when she introduced me to Bye Bye Miss American Pie. I still love this song.

Then my other sister played Time in a Bottle and everything else by Jim Croce. To my parent’s horror, the stereo needle went round and round almost 24/7 on the Jesus Christ Super Star album. Whatever my sister loved, I loved.

Whatever my siblings liked I declared as my favorite. Yes, I was a copycat. My siblings claimed to hate the crooning country music our parent’s listened to, so I detested it as well. One could say I was easily influenced.

Being a copycat eventually brought me to the music I still love, but it didn’t come from my brothers or sisters. My best friend, Robin, had an aunt who was the coolest teenager we knew. Nay (short for Renee) was three years older. She was pretty, fashionable, and ever so hip. She wore a comb in the back pocket of her Levis, so we wore a comb in the back pocket of our Levis. She wore a leather belt, so we wore a leather belt. She didn’t carry a purse, so we refused as well. She listened to a rock radio station, so we started carrying our transistors around and taping the songs onto cassette tapes. Nay would sit tapping her knees to the beat and swing her head like she was into the song. We’d tap our knees and swing our heads pretending to be into the music like her. But when she played Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band for us, the pretending stopped for me. I really was into the music. For the first time I didn’t just hear the words and music, I felt them. Other songs were fun or pretty, but Turn the Page and Against the Wind really reached out and touched me. And then she shared Creedence Clearwater Revival. I resonated with this music on some deeper level, and it remains my all-time favorite band.

My music interests vary now. I do listen to some country and contemporary Christian music, but I love good old rock and roll. Eagles still rock my world, along with Boston and Kansas. I don’t think any group has ever matched the harmony of the Beatles. The Blues touch my soul on a level like no other. I suppose one could say my musical tastes are as fickle as I am.

Nay always broadened our world and enlightened our style. She had really good musical tastes, and I hear she’s now obsessed with cowboy boots…hmmm, I feel a hankering for a pair of roach stompers…



33 thoughts on “CHICK-A-BOOM, DON’T YA JES’ LOVE IT?

  1. Suzi, as I was reading your mention of each one of these songs, I had a flashback!

    ” Bye Bye Miss American Pie. I still love this song.”

    I use to take a hairbrush and use it as a microphone, and would lip sync and dance to that song in my bedroom while listening to it on a 45!

    “Time in a Bottle and everything else by Jim Croce.”

    Reminds me of my senior year in high school!!!!

    My taste in music is so eclectic because I like so many different types of music for different moods.

    Fun post!


    • LOL, oh yeah, did the microphone thingy and oh the dances we made up! Great times. Sometimes I yearn to get all silly with those songs again, but afraid my family might call the paddy wagon if they catch me in the midst of it!

  2. Oh, we are clearly of the same era! I remember going into mourning when Jim Croce died. CCR, The Eagles, Bachman-Turner Overdrive! I’m going to have to go turn on Pandora!

    You are linked!

  3. Tastes evolve as we do, don’t they? But the fondness for the music that was “in” during certain periods of our lives will always be there, I think. As for emulation – well that could be another whole post!

  4. I love your old rock favorites! I remember sitting in my brother’s room listening to those exact bands (plus Billy Squire, and Billy Joel). I truly believe music is part of our soul’s heartbeat. 🙂 And coffee cat siblings (that is what my five year old calls is…coffee cat for copy cat) are THE BEST.

  5. It’s funny how we all have that one really cool person who we emulate as kids. Mine was a guy who wore glasses, shunned rock and roll and introduced me to the work of Ray Charles and the “Blues”. I love all music, but the Blues are still my favorite.

    • Oh yes, I can’t even begin to tell you what the Blues does for me…my fave as well, but I didn’t start listening to the Blues until well into my adulthood.

  6. Guess what my husband’s gift-to-the-bride was…cowboy boots. Roughouts. Man, I loved ’em, too! I could dance up a storm in them. Can’t believe I gave them away about 15 years later.

  7. The songs you listed were part of the
    soundtrack of my life…. I don’t remember a cool friend and my sister, only and younger, was a pill, lol. We were opposite. I was listening to the GoGos and she ACDC. We seemed to try to be as opposite as we could possibly be.
    Love your blog.

  8. I can totally feel a pair of those gorgeous boots wrapped around my feet right now! Isn’t it interesting how as kids, our choices are dictated by those we admire while as adults, we feel free to form our own opinions? Fun post, Suzicate!

  9. Those are such great songs and great bands! My kids don’t even know what a record player is…I need to set up the record player I bought my husband and start playing our old albums again!

  10. Suzi, we are truly kindred music-souls. Every band, and every song you mentioned loving are ones that will get me to stop and turn the radio up no matter what else is going on. I can probably sing all the words to “American Pie” without help (though no one is going to stick around to hear it!).

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