Seven Days

Living in the Gap

Seven days. What is seven days? A week? A mere glimpse in time? A lifetime for those in pain or those waiting for something?

The egret dives his beak in the water and emerges with a wiggly fish. With a shake of his head and twist of his neck its in his mouth. He stretches his neck and gulps. Dip. Stretch. Shake. Repeat several times. Hmmm. Lunch is done.

Three sets of deep set eyes beneath thick brows say I love you in hugs, words, looks, and gestures. I follow their laughter and swallow their love. I enjoy this gift of life because I know time is fleeting.

My heart falls into my stomach as I hear the words through the phone…And I can’t be there for reassurance, not that my presence changes the outcomes. Waiting to hear all is ok seems like many lifetimes over….this thing called love hurts when we can’t control the circumstances of life.

The Cardinal flower drinks the water as quickly as the spray hits the ground. In a matter of moments, it lifts its flopping arms and bounces to life. We all get thirsty…

The hummingbird lowers to drink from the feeder and quickly flees as the dog comes into view. He turns the corner to the feeder out of the dog’s sight. Mini jet propellers suspend him in air as he lowers and flutters while he drinks…and emerald glows in the last of the day’s rays.

I wake with a jump. Confusion…the space of time between dream and reality. I must walk to see for myself that all is well, that indeed it was not real.

Giggling babies of various chubbiness climb over me. Tiny fingers pinch and pull at me. Little feet poke me. Wet kisses. Fierce hugs. Demands for my attention. They all want a piece of me, and there’s enough of me to go around.

Sunlight streams through the limbs of the Oak and dapples across the barren ground. It looks like a sepia design filtered through a huge ink screen.

I taste home as I sip the bourbon tones of Isabel and Dark Hollow. The wind is at my back and I smell the sweetness of honeysuckle and apples. I see the fog rising over the green rolling hills of Three Ridges and the Priest. I hear the roar of the Tye and feel its chill as I dip my toes in. Another sip and I’m almost home…

14 thoughts on “Seven Days

  1. What, indeed, is seven days? A period of time that passes more quickly with every year, too quickly these days. A period of time during which one can share laughter, tears, make memories, be, just be. A good thing.

  2. WOW…this piece was so richly layered with so many sensory and emotional images, Suzi. What a vivid dream!

    Stunning photo! It reminds me of images I have seen of Machu Picchu, Peru.

    Have a great Saturday, my friend!


    • I took this pic a few years ago at Spy Rock. (Virginia) It’s a rock on a mountain top that overlooks several counties. Apparently, this is where the soldiers kept a lookout to be ahead of an ambush.

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