Life and Lessons on the Creek

“I came down to the water to cool my eyes. But everywhere I look I see fire; that which isn’t flint is tinder, and the whole world sparks and flames.” Annie Dillard

Dirt Man and I purchased a canoe for vacation. We experienced our “maiden voyage” this weekend. We went out with the tide and wind at our back and had to paddle against the wind on our return. We only did slightly less than five miles, but it was a gorgeous scenic waterway.

And…we’re off! Since I was sitting up front I got to be the photographer.

Our first visitors were this Great (Common) Egret

and this Yellow Crowned Night Heron. They were busy fishing for lunch and didn’t pay any attention to us.

We went underneath this as well as several other bridges and a railroad bridge. One of the bridges we rowed beneath was a large steel bridge. Cars roared above our heads. As with life, it got noisy. By the time we accustomed ourselves to the shrill of the echoes we had made it to the other side.

It was a beautiful day. Wind rippled the water, and the clouds shined as brightly as the sun upon us. Clouds, sky, trees, and grass reflected on the creek’s surface making the dull olive water colorful and alive. Everything we say and do is a reflection upon us…the colors we chose to wear are up to us.

Not only did we canoe beneath the bridges but we had to make our way beneath leaning trees. We clung to the outer bends as that is where the tide pulls the sediments and deposits them to the inside making the outer rim deeper. There were times we drifted to shallower parts.  Life teaches us to use our oars to scuttle out of places we aren’t meant to be.

Every where we go who we are follows us. There’s no getting away from all we encompass.

This tree was growing on a bridge beam. We learn to make the best of life’s circumstances and thrive wherever we are.

Sunlight shimmered upon the ripples on the water. We are each a ripple in life’s ocean. We each have the ability to spread sunshine to all we encounter.

Beneath the bridges are shaded. We entered the darkness beneath the bridges knowing there would be sunlight to greet us on the other side…kind of like life; we go through periods of darkness.

The pink blossoms of the Mimosa tree give the railroad bridge a lift. Beauty is everywhere if we take the time to see it.

The world is a wide open expanse. We need to work with the tides and winds to get where we are going and enjoy all that surrounds us on our journey. We came upon the egrets, herons, grackle, and a red winged blackbird (sorry no pic, he was shy) serenaded us for most of our trip. A pair of turtles (again, no pic…too fast for me) slid off a log and sipped beneath the darkness and safety of the water.

While some of the egrets were skittish or camera shy, this one spent a lot of time posing and primping for me. He showed off by flying up into the tree. We do reach high places in life, but the secret is to remember how to get back down or to be able to continue to function when you’re back on the ground.

This group of grackles was a perfect last shot to the ending of our trip. It’s always nice to have someone to share your days with.

42 thoughts on “Life and Lessons on the Creek

  1. What a beautiful pictorial journey, Suzi!

    Great photos! That last one is just way too COOL!

    “Everything we say and do is a reflection upon us…the colors we chose to wear are up to us.”


    Have a terrific Tuesday, my friend…..X

  2. I love the proud egret! What beautiful sights you captured and so true to our life passages. The joy of your journey captured my heart. I look forward to more.

  3. Beautiful shots of your voyage! It brought back memories of past canoe trips (I haven’t done one in many years). Thank you for your inspirational connections between life and what we can learn from what we see. I especially liked the tree growing on the pipe. Yes, we make do with what we can get.

    • We look forward to many more this summer, but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to venture into the swamps after our encounter last year with the mocassin.

  4. Looks like a great time. Was it a bit tippy? Did you have to get out into the water at all because you were stuck or had to portage?
    Love the way you can find life philosophy in everything you see. And, we also seem to love the same brand of shoes … aren’t Keens great?

    • It wasn’t tippy except getting in and out…flat bottom canoe. We actually didn’t get stuck, but we did use our paddles to push off as we ventured into some shallow areas.
      And yes, there are life lesson in nature all around us.
      Love my keens…especially my red mary janes! (I call those my dorothy ruby slippers!)

  5. Great shots. Looks like you had a perfect day. Your comment about the tree reminds me of the time we went canoeing with our kids. Our two oldest boys were in a canoe by themselves. They ran into a low-hanging branch and knocked a bunch of spiders off and into their canoe. They both leaned to the right to get away and capsized. I may have to post about this trip. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. Must have been a memorable trip. Photos are outstanding. Love especially the Mimosa tree. They seem to thrive anywhere even along the interstate setting. Appreciate the joy of visiting with you always!!!!!

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