Spin Cycle: Word Collage

I made this image on Tagxedo.com

My idea of words came from a photograph I took this weekend.

I wrote these words and entered them to create a word collage:

Winds of time pull and push us with the tides.

Life flows and crashes within the waves.

Shadows fall and sunlight breaks through.

We learn in reflection and live in hope.

40 thoughts on “Floating

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  2. wow…tagxedo is amazing…I just linked back to this post from my own post…I can’t figure out how to save the word collage I made with the “animated” features…have you figured that out?..even without animation, the process is remarkable…
    and what a beautiful photo you took…what a treat to be someplace like that…and “learning in reflection and living in hope”….yes.

    • I think you’ve got one up on me! I didn’t figure out how to do animation. I did one uploading a pic, but it put the words around main features and you couldn’t tell what is was. I just used the shapes available after that and pushed the save, share button. Then it took me almost forever to find it on my computer!

  3. Suzi, that is just TOO COOL!

    Love your yin and yang creation!

    Now you’ve got me curious about this, so I’ll have to go over to Tagxedo and check it out!

    Love your photo too! The reflections within the ripples on the water almost look painted!

    “Shadows fall and sunlight breaks through.

    We learn in reflection and live in hope.”

    That touched me very much!

    (((( You ))))

    Have a flawless Monday, my friend…..X

    • It’s a fun little thingy to play with!
      I liked the shadows of the ripples and the way the sunlight topped the crests of them.
      Hope your day is fabulous as well.

      • I can see how the picture can cause an emotional response. For me it is such an amazing contrast. The water appears to be moving yet at the same time it appears to be as smooth as glass. So for me the response is a little shock that can be interpreted as conflicting emotions. At least that is what I am coming up with upon analyzing it. (tee hee. But seriously.)

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