Engaging The Senses

Living in the Gap

First Beebalm Blossom – Spindly fingers of Beebalm emerge from a clenched fist, grabbing for a slice of life.

Oreo Truffles – My teeth bite into a coat of white chocolate and sink into the mush of cookies and cream. The hardness of the coating melts into a pool of goodness on my tongue. This must be what heaven tastes like. For a mere two minutes I am THAT woman who sits on her duff, feet propped, eating bon bons!

Pine Cone- Sphere of tiny spiked golden wings stand in formation ready to launch.

Carolina Spice Sequel – Pine sap lay heavy in the air. A thick warm breeze intensifies its aroma and throws in a mix of sweetness. At first I think its Gardenia, but not sweet enough. Then I think its Lilac, but not floral enough for that. I realize the sweetness is similar to apple, and then the spice comes rolling out. No it can’t be….and oh yes it is – a second blooming of the spice bush! I guess it decided not to be outdone by Lilac’s two bloom times.

Dusk – Sun shuts the door, leaving her rose colored skirt behind. Moon picks it up and spreads it like a carpet through the sky providing a path for traveling stars.

Cardinal –  A flame shoots across the window at an angle and comes darting back like a bloodied arrow.

Sirens in the Night- It wails through the darkness, ripping slumber from the streets. What ails the night? Why does it cry so?

31 thoughts on “Engaging The Senses

  1. All such beautiful pictures and words, but this one really grabbed me ” It wails through the darkness, ripping slumber from the streets. What ails the night? Why does it cry so?” You paint such vivid pictures with your words!

  2. Beautiful, my dear. I’ve noticed that your writing seems to have changed and grown into something infinitely richer over the past month or so. I hope that’s a sign of joy in your life.

  3. Lovely Carolina Spice — I’ve never seen one before, and it sounds and looks delightful! Those Oreo truffles look wonderful, too — did you save any for Dirt Man? Tell him Happy Father’s Day weekend!

  4. Once again, Suzi, you write sparking all my senses!

    Beautiful post and images.

    My mouth is watering looking at those Oreo Truffles – I never even knew they existed!?!? I’ll have to look for those in the grocery store next week!

    That shot of the pine cone is AWESOME!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


    • Thanks, Ron.
      You won’t find them at the grocery as you have to make them. Simple recipe. 1 pkg Oreos 1 (8oz.) pkg Cream cheese and white dipping chocolate Crush cookies in food processor. Mix in cream cheese. Shape into balls and dip in melted chocolate. Refridgerate to harden coating.

  5. I don’t have any bee balm, but it looks like an interesting plant. And yes, please to the Oreo bites!! But, “Dusk” simply floored me. Wow.

  6. I love the plant pictures – we don’t have those plants here. The beebalm is quite interesting. I’ve not had Oreo truffles, and I think I’ll stay away from them…it could be dangerous!

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