Battleship USS Wisconsin

The Tidewater area is home to two Naval bases and one joint Army/Navy base. We’re especially proud of and thankful for our military presence here. These photos are taken in Norfolk near Nauticus.

The photo above is taken from the top of a parking garage across the street from Nauticus. This is the battleship Wisconsin which can only be accessed through Nauticus. You can see how large it is but the sheer expanse is not realized until you approach it.

From almost a block away the Wisconsin looks at if it’s charging down the street!

This is a view of the harbor taken beside the Wisconsin.

This statue (The Lone Sailor) touched a deep chord within me as I have known many young soldiers stationed in various parts of the world away from family.

It was rather poignant as we turned from the statue we watched a real life “lone sailor” walk through the park and sit on a bench facing the Wisconsin.

Can you hear the sound of freedom? Notice beside this bell (I think it’s from the battleship Norfolk if I remember correctly) someone posted a Liberty bell stamp upside down. I think they were trying to make a statement.

I don’t have the details of this statue of a family homecoming. Many tears are shed on the docks as the sailors leave and return.

Freedom. This is what the military is about, and the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach are about our military. We respect their sacrifice and diligence. This flag inside Nauticus is the largest I’ve ever seen.

This is a view of MacArthur Memorial from a few streets away.

34 thoughts on “Battleship USS Wisconsin

  1. Wow, great pics! I looked at the first one of the Wisconsin and thought, oh yeah, nice little ship. Then the next one blew me away. It’s enormous! I have never seen a battleship in person. The two statues are quite poignant and touched a chord in me as well.

    • It is truly massive! When we think of how many men it takes to operate one and how they coordinate, it is baffling. And then when you count how many there are….

  2. I love the photo looking down the street. I haven’t visited the Wisconsin but my husband and youngest son have. We have a photo of G-Man standing on the deck next to a shell and the shell is bigger than him. 🙂

  3. Lovely tour, Suzi! Very moving!

    “From almost a block away the Wisconsin looks at if it’s charging down the street!”

    HA! Yes, it does!!!!!

    Fabulous photos. The one of a family homecoming is so touching. I sat here looking at it and got very emotional because I could literally feel the emotion within the sculpture. Brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Really enjoyed this!

    Happy Monday…..X

    • I’ve been friends with so many military families. Deployment is such an emotionally trying time for all. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to be away from your loved one for six to nine months at a time.

      • As an ex crew / plank owner I could tell many things about this beautiful boat I served in no.1 fire room from 87 to 91 and I was in love with this awesome piece of history ,as a boiler tech your the first one on last one off but there is something about putting her to bed that makes a man proud of what he does, many untold hours awake in a place they wont even let you see ,My son and I will soon be making a trip out there on our bikes hope they let me give anyone a tour that’s willing to tag a long because I know her better than they do hahaha

  4. This one touched me on several levels, Suzi. First, my late dad served in the U.S. Navy, WWII, and the Lone Sailor statue reminds me how his mom and dad felt at his enlisting. Second, I was in Norfolk years ago for a conference in the Fall, and I found it quite captivating. Beautiful reminder of the freedoms we treasure!

  5. Love the pic of the ship a block away. That looks like it is out of a movie. What a remarkable visit. Makes me so thankful for our seamen.

  6. Suzie, thank you so much for your thoughts today. As a mom-in-law of an Army Guy, I appreciate the recognition of our military…regardless of branch.

    • I am thankful for all branches of the military. We had an Army base here which is now a joint Army/Navy base. It’s the location of the lighthouses I recently posted.

  7. I visited the Norfolk base many years ago, long before my son served in the U.S. Navy. It was mind-boggling actually. Your pictures do a wonderful job of conveying the beauty, the sorrow, the pride.

      • I know it is a mixed bag because the ships look huge . . . they ARE huge . . . yet at the same time when you look at the space the people have to live in . . . . not so huge. Cramped quarters . . . cramped everything. The magnitude of the responsibility and sacrifices.

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