Glimpses of the Garden

Living in the Gap

June 2, 2012 -June 8, 2012

Easter Lily

Pollen scatters like confetti across a shadowed floor. One bug wiggles its wings as it wallows within shoots of sustenance while a smaller bug clings to a heart of hope.


Nature’s princess sports a dress made with the colors of life and accessorizes with a tiara of sapphires.


Flinging their purple petals to the ground, they lift their round golden bodies to the sun.


In their ruffled party dresses, they pile atop on another. With the weight of the world on its shoulders, the stem threatens to snap sending the girls tumbling like dominoes.


Sparkling like a diamond in the sun, a single drop of water rests in the bloody palm of a Caladium leaf.


Like a bride walking down the aisle, milky layers of fabric fall from her waist and float behind her. Perfume trails her like a bridal train.

A volunteer. Perhaps a Sunflower?

This little gypsy girl, a lost soul, wanders about the garden. She twists and rises, dips and turns, freely roaming to reach the sky. We let her plant herself where she wishes as we think she just might be the promise of the sun.

38 thoughts on “Glimpses of the Garden

  1. Every one of these photos is more beautiful than its predecessor! I wouldn’t have believed that possible. I can practically smell the gardenia from here, and the coleus with its sapphire tiara is so striking. I never realized Easter lilies have a tiny heart at their inner being — how appropriate! Thanks for sharing your world of beauty!

  2. Love this post! How pretty inside the Easter Lily, love the heart. Goldfinches are known to pluck off the purple petals of coneflower as they eat the seeds. Unusual color of gladiolus–my mom always had a row of them in “her” garden. Actually it was the edge of “Dad’s” garden, but he thought it was a waste of time to grow something one couldn’t eat. 🙂 Great descriptions: ruffled party dresses, and the bride simile. Nice!

  3. Beautiful! The caladium’s diamond is perfect. I love green gladiolas – they make me think of what aliens would grow. And I’ve seen the lilies my whole life, smelled them, loved them, and NEVER noticed the heart in the center. Thank you for that very special gift today.

  4. I am having scrolling wp photo gallery like this. If I press comment then it is OK and can scroll properly. Coleus grows like wildfire in Miami but it needs plenty of water in end part of summer blazing heat here.

  5. Suzi, my friend, looking at these stunning….and I mean STUNNING flower photos and reading your words, put a TOTAL smile on my face!

    What a delightfully, magical post!

    I love these words….


    Nature’s princess sports a dress made with the colors of life and accessorizes with a tiara of sapphires.’

    How beautiful you described that image!

    The photo of the Caladium is incredible!

    And could smell that Gardenia from here!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend! And thank you for sharing natures beauty!


  6. Thanks for sharing your garden … I just planted my annuals, we don’t have as much time to enjoy them as you do. My perennial bleeding hearts are huge this year and very happy, my irises did not like the snow and cold this Spring. But, I have been checking out all of the wildflowers … they are a joy this time of year.

  7. Your garden is amazing! Our yard is bland and dry and will remain so throughout the summer (we do our part to conserve water, so even the grass gets just enough to keep a little green.) In elementary school, our teacher gave us numerous coleus plants. All of them died within weeks. It was nice to see what a healthy coleus should look like!

  8. I absolutely loved this post! The photos themselves were gorgeous, but your poetic interpretations of them just made me want to see more. By the time I got to the last one I was trying to guess what you would see it as. Of course, you totally fooled me with that one. My favorite was the heart inside the lily. I never realized that before. Thanks, Suzi!

  9. Such beautiful photos! And I love the image of the gladiolas ladies in their dresses – I had a poetry book when I was little with flowers and their fairies who lived in them, who dressed like them. I can just picture the gladiolas fairies in their dresses!

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