In Love With Life

I love everything about my first cup of coffee in the morning… I love the scent that drifts through the house, the steam that rises from my cup, the heat as it hits my lips, and oh the taste of freshly ground beans brewed to perfection!

I love the bright burst of sunshine breaking through trees in the forest.

I love the feeling of being one with the ocean when my body rises, falls, and sways with the current as I float among the waves.

I love the way a babies belly jiggles with a heartfelt giggle.

I love listening to my dog snore at the end of the day.

I love the sound and rippling of red, white, and blue of the US flag whipping in the wind.

I love tracing my fingers along the smooth contours of river rocks.

I love “listening to the ocean” in a conch shell.

I love floral scents such as lavender and gardenia.

I love eating chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on cold winter days….brings back lovely childhood memories.

I love the feeling of being absorbed in nature when Dirt Man and I hike…my mind literally gets lost in the beauty and serenity.

I love listening to the babble, hum, whistle, and roar of waterfalls as I sit on the bank and dip my feet into the cold river.

I love the warmth of the sun on my back while a slight breeze tickles my neck.

I love the tightness of tiny little arms around my neck and slobbery kisses from my favorite little ones.

I love the feeling of coming home after a trip and sinking into my own bed.

I love cooking a big meal for my family and having them together to enjoy it.

I love the pitter of a soft rain against my skin.

I love the happiness I feel when my favorite songs play and I find myself moving to the beat.

I love when I pull into a parking lot and the “perfect” spot suddenly becomes available.

I love when I immediately find what I’m shopping for and it’s on sale!

I love listening to my hubby and sons laughing as they watch television.

I love the pristine finish of the first snow before the lawn is marred from footprints.

I love the mixture of rust, scarlet, avocado, and mustard tones of autumn leaves.

I love the cling clang of dangling wind chimes.

I love the daily squirrel chatter and birdsong among the tall pines in our yard.

I love the fluttering wings of butterflies on the colorful blossoms in my yard.

I love the wildly beating wings of hummingbirds suspended in air.

I love sharing my life with generous, compassionate, loving people.

Most of all I love hearing those three little words “I love you” from the people I love.

Spin Cycle: Things I Love

43 thoughts on “In Love With Life

  1. What a wonderful ‘love list’ Suzi!

    “I love everything about my first cup of coffee in the morning…”

    Meeeeeee too! In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now…enjoying that first French pressed cup of the day!

    What glorious photos you share. I adore the ones of the butterfly and hummingbird. WOW!

    Have a terrific Thursday, my friend….X

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! So much beautiful nature on your list – you’re always so good at reminding me of the beauty and happiness around us all!

    You are linked!

  3. Oh, thank you for these wonderful reminders of the bounty in our lives…I’ve been preoccupied with concerns this morning, and am so grateful for your special list of wonders…thank you so much…I’ll take a bit of time now to appreciate some of the many things, people, nature, ways of being…wonders… that I love…

    • Oh, yes music and wine! I was going to put sitting on the patio with a “cold beverage” or a glass of wine and watching dusk fall upon us…but thought people might think I’m a backyard nature alcoholic, lol!

  4. I had forgotten how visiting your blog regenerates my soul. Your blogs are like taking a walk– calming and beautiful. You make me remember to appreciate the good things around me. Love your list!


  5. You brought out so many little things that I also love. Speaking of coffee…if you are interested in a Coffee Cantata that Bach wrote because he was addicted to coffee (when it was illegal to drink it!), I posted a video on Face Book.

    I love his defiance.

  6. I love the way you describe all these simple little pleasures in life that we take for granted. Your beautiful words make each one seem precious. It is a great reminder to pay attention to the little things that make us happy.

  7. There, what you listed, that perfect way to express all the things anyone should love. I found myself nodding and smiling about so many of them. Thank you for expressing them so well.

  8. when it’s become so de rigueur to employ half-empty views and make lists of things one hates, a list of loves is both refreshing and inspiring.

    and thus, i love to be inspired by the words and musings of others.

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