Soul Speaks Softly And Sings (And Sometimes Shakes Us About)

Sometimes the soul calls for things not on our agenda. I had planned on tackling three writing projects over the long holiday weekend. I wrote in my head and even jotted down a few notes, but I neglected to make much progress. Instead, I quilted and gardened. I spent time with people I love. I ate and drank. I listened to music and watched movies. Tuesday morning came and I felt incredibly guilty for enjoying myself and not making any headway on my writing projects. I reminded myself I had completed an art quilt and weeded all of my gardens. Still the unsettling of my soul lingered all day until….

Dirt Man was late getting home as he was working out of town for the day, so when my work was over I sunk and sulked into a chair in the backyard while I awaited his return. While the sun eased its way over my back, a warm rush of wind swept over me. I watched big full clouds float overhead as a squirrel high in the pines dropped plugs of green cone upon me. Sparrows and cardinals sang and fluttered through the pine branches. A touch of lavender mingled with the scent of  pinesap. I closed my eyes and let the breeze, floral scents, and clinging of wind chimes lift me. An hour and a half of  “just being” transformed me. I wasn’t oozing with creativity and the desire to furiously write. I felt content; completely satisfied with that moment in time.

Soul has a special way of connecting with us. Sometimes it sneaks up on us… a gentle sway to music, notes that calm or relax us. Perhaps soul speaks words of encouragement that nudge us in the right direction. Other times we feel defeated and soul comes rushing at us, pounding at the door. Are you listening? Do you hear it? Are you going to open the door?

When you learn to trust your spirit you can easily separate the chatter of your head from the voice of your soul. How does your soul call? Is it a gentle tap or a furious knock? Does it speak softly, sing, or shake you about?

Soul often visits in that restful space between sleep and wakefulness. After all, it is the place where wisdom flows, flowers bloom, songs are written and love is born. Soul is the place where creativity and harmony live.

The scent of lavender calms me while the exotic spices of sandalwood awaken me. The pitter of rain grounds me while the roar of the river has me swimming its current. The Blues touch me deeply while good old rock and roll has my fingers snapping and my toes stomping. The sweetness of cotton candy makes me giggle while macaroni and cheese makes me feel loved. The sight of tall strong trees and purple wildflowers rejoice my soul. I adore the imperfect design of stone beads and cold smooth texture of them against my skin. And the wind? What can I say? The sound of rushing leaves, the tickle on my neck, the sway of my body in its movement…the wind carries me with it as it soars through the trees, over the mountains and the sea….

I’ve shared my list; now, let’s hear yours. How does your soul speak to you? Does it whisper softly or sing loudly?

Put your senses to the test to awaken your spirit. What feeds and fulfills you? What scents soothe you? What music makes you dance? What do you see that makes you smile? What inspires you? Where do you lose yourself? What calms, energizes, moves you; makes you feel complete? What have you experienced so beautiful it made you cry? What single breath of time felt like you were born to live that moment?

18 thoughts on “Soul Speaks Softly And Sings (And Sometimes Shakes Us About)

  1. Suzi, what an insightful and inspiring post!

    “An hour and a half of” just being” transformed me. I wasn’t oozing with creativity and the desire to furiously write. I felt content; completely satisfied with that moment in time.”

    That’s so beautiful! Sometimes I think just taking the time to ‘just be’ does more for our creative soul than making ourselves BE creative. We often need times like these to allow our souls to stew creativity. And by the sound of it, that’s exactly what happened to you because this post is FULL of creative energy – I can actually FEEL it in your words.

    For me, my soul speaks both loudly AND softly. Sometimes it hits me over the head with an urgency, and other times it’s a soft whisper.

    I love my senses: tasting, smelling, touching, hearing, seeing. And as a creative-type person, they are how I express my inspiration – through my senses.

    Like you, I adore both the scent of lavender and sandalwood.

    ” What have you experienced so beautiful it made you cry?”

    The sight of a newborn baby.

    Great post, my friend. And thanks for sharing it!


    • …and I’m on a roll as I am currently indulging my taste buds and soul with a cup of hot youthberry and wild orange blossom tea and shortbread cookies!

  2. Your words are like a song to the heart. My soul has been put on the back burner for too long. And she’s getting a bit peeved about it!

  3. So sorry that guilt upset you. So happy that you came-to-your-senses. -smile-

    Myself, I feel that guilt is never, ever productive. Nor should it be allowed into our lives.

    Gentle hugs,
    “Auntie’s Skirts

    Whenever Auntie moves around,
    Her dresses make a curious sound,
    They trail behind her up the floor,
    And trundle after through the door.”
    ~~Robert Louis Stevenson

  4. This is just beautiful, Suzi, and I don’t consider your time wasted — not one bit! Sometimes we creative people crave alone-time, time when we “veg out” and just BE, rather than actively thinking or making something or trying to be productive. Nature in all its glory speaks to me, too — I love the sound of waves hitting the shore, a gentle rain pattering on the sidewalk. I love watching my dog sleep, sniffing lilacs in bloom, hugging family and friends. I find myself feeling sorry for those who can’t stop and smell the flowers, who have no inner peace and joy to share. Thank you for sharing beauty today!

  5. It’s funny how our minds and our souls often have plans that differ. I’m glad you went with what your soul needed. It will help in your writing projects, whenever your soul decides it’s time 🙂

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