When the Forecast Calls for Rain…

College football game...and rain...and then this!

College football game…and rain…and then this!

The forecast for life is sunshine with occasional rain though there is the possibility of storms. How we live our lives tells what we focus on.

Do you hide away because you fear a storm on the way?

Do you pack an umbrella or raincoat?

Do you look forward to dancing in the rain?

Yes, clouds often loom overhead. Instinct tells us when to trudge forward and when to seek shelter.

Sometimes the sun shines amidst the downpour, and we are blessed with the beauty of a rainbow.

Remember behind the clouds the sun is waiting to burst through and light up your life.

Living in the Gap

May 22, 2012 – Morning Java

Steam curls and clings to the cup; tiny dots of moisture drip. Steam rises in a swirl and becomes ones with air. Our words curl in our mouths and rise to the air, only to disappear unless there are ears to hear what we speak. And even then are our words forgotten as quickly as the steam of a morning cup of coffee?

Living in the Gap – When light hits the subject

May 23, 2012

A dust of darkness lay upon the chest, objects blending into the oak surface. As the lamp lights the world beneath it comes to life. The bulb shines through the shade and light flows beneath. On the wall just behind an arc of brightness scans the wall. The frogs on the ceramic bowl remain in their circle…but now they appear lifelike; ready to hop into the day.

Living in the Gap

May 24, 2012 – Shattered

The sound of crashing dishes turns my head. The tiny teacups are now burnt red shards splattered across the white counter.  Kind of like words on a page demanding to be seen; silently they wait each day to be utilized. Stored away, perhaps an excuse for a rainy day…and life takes care of yet another storage issue.

26 thoughts on “When the Forecast Calls for Rain…

  1. Have you had as much rain as we have? I think it’s rained every evening this week.

    Love the rainbow!

    I hate carrying umbrellas so I opt for coats…or just getting soaked.

    • Seems like we have had a bit of rain (if not an entire day of it) for a full week!I keep an umbrella in the car, but usually just run through the rain…and get frizzy hair!

    • Yes, it did…was a great game! And we had a blast in the rain as we walked several blocks (and stopped off for a drink) on the way to the game and from the game!

  2. Suzi my friend, what a STUNNING photo of the rainbow!!!!!

    How glorious! Aren’t rainbows happy and magical things?

    I’m one of those strange people who loves rain. In fact, I will often walk in it and allow myself to get wet. Rain, to me, feels so cleansing.

    We’ve had a lot here lately, too.

    “Remember behind the clouds the sun is waiting to burst through and light up your life.”

    Loved that!

    And I also loved your Living in the Gaps. I could actually SMELL that aroma in “Morning Java!”

    Have a faaaaaaaabulous day!


    • Yes, they came with the pot so I didn’t have the heart to ditch them even though I didn’t use them…tea cups don’t tend to hold enough; just give me a good old mug!

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