Hate, Or Something Like IT

“We have enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.” ~Jonathan Swift

Growing up no matter how angry we six siblings became at one another we were forbidden to say those three little words “I hate you.”  I only know of one time it was ever spoken, and the aftermath was not pretty.

Apparently the seed was planted because I don’t tell people I hate them although I admit there are a few I dislike. It is usually their behavior or attitude that irks me. In all honesty, sometimes the behavior and attitudes of people I do like irk me as well.

I’ve found the things I hate are usually things that make me angry or sad or things I simply don’t understand. There are also things that frighten me. Then there are things that disgust or annoy me.

With “hate” as this week’s spin topic, I’m going to use this opportunity to vent as Gretchen suggested:

I hate it when broccoli gets stuck in my teeth and I walk around half of the day talking to people before someone tells me.

I hate it when I my curser moves and I end up typing in the middle of another sentence.

I hate it when I proofread and don’t find mistakes until after I push the publish button.

I hate it when I clean the dog poop from my backyard only to return to the front or side yard and step in dog poop left by someone else’s dog.

I hate it when my customer service phone call is answered by a machine that sends me on a number punching circle and refuses to allow me to speak to a real person.

I hate when people purposely do or say things to make others feel inferior just to lift themselves up.

I hate that political and charity calls are exempt from the Do Not Call Registry. I also hate they are now calling my cell phone.

I hate it when visitors to my home go through my closets to see what I have or how neat/messy I am and make snide remarks about the things I own.

I hate it when people expect me to drop what I am doing to be of service to them, yet they don’t do the same for me.

I hate it when I walk in a room to get something and forget what I went after. Even worse is when I go to the store and come home with every item on my list EXCEPT the main thing I went to buy.

I hate it when people think their opinion is the only one that matters.

I hate it when people litter…this includes throwing cigarette butts out of the window of a moving car.

I hate the way my hair frizzes on humid days.

I hate it when I’m crabby…I also hate it when other people are crabby.

I hate when I procrastinate, yet I continue to do it.

I hate that people intentionally hurt others physically and emotionally.

I hate that the cure for cancer has not been found.

Most Annoying Moment This Week: The lady in front of me in the Express Lane had two items as I also had two items.  As soon as the cashier gave her a total she showed him a coupon and asked him if the store had a certain product she couldn’t find. He called for assistance over the loud speaker. After a few minutes someone showed up and the lady sent her to look for said product. When she returned with the product, the customer asked for a second of said item. When the cashier finally added these and gave her another total she told him she didn’t want the original item he’d already rung up. Again he adjusted her total. Then she handed him another coupon and asked if they had this item in stock. He shook his head no… I think he might have been a tad bit more annoyed than me.

Ok, I’ve complained enough and released all this pent up frustration.  As Nancy says, “Ah…that’s better!”

Spin Cycle: Hate

47 thoughts on “Hate, Or Something Like IT

  1. Take heart. I hate all that stuff too. I spend a third of the day looking for wallet, keys and glasses. I hate it. Then I get all this stuff and get ready to go to the doctor and check the calendar for the time I see Iwrote the appt in wrong month. Usually last month. I hate it.

    • I showed up to an apt. a day early once!
      I haven’t missed one yet, but would have not long ago if they hadn’t called to remind me! I write them on the calendar but then forget to look at the calendar! And no, I don’t set the reminder on my cell phone…I’m too old school for that!

  2. I just read this whole list and kept saying “Oooo, I hate that too!” Especially that thing with the cursor and the customer service and the forgetting everything you really need at the store. HATE THAT. I hope you feel better. Happy to provide an outlet.

    You are linked!

  3. Your hate list sounds a lot like mine. They kind of boil down to Stupidity, Rudeness, and Meanness. Yes, there ought to be some place we can go to get away from dunning phone calls!

  4. Yes, now it is definitely better. Funny about the word “hate” my mother used tell me all the time that “hate” was a strong feeling, and it was never worth the energy it required to feel it. Reading your post made me reflect on those moments. I tell my kids all the time-just like my mother used to say it.

    Great post.

    • I usually say I “highly dislike” something. In the original post I used every word substitute for hate and “made” myself go back and change the words to hate…felt kinda’ weird but quite cathartic!

  5. This is the nicest hate list I’ve ever read. I agree with most items on your list ~ including having broccoli stuck in my teeth without knowing it.

    But this one astonished me:

    I hate it when visitors to my home go through my closets to see what I have or how neat/messy I am and make snide remarks about the things I own.

    Visitors like that would NOT be repeat visitors. 😉

  6. I didn’t realize I hated so much, but I agree with your “hate” list. I’d just have to add one thing: I hate it when drivers move into a lane that’s marked as ending so they can squeeze in front of you after the stoplight.

    • I felt almost guilty for writing it. After posting I thought of all the seriously important things I hate but figured it was probably good I kept it relatively light.

  7. I am trying to eliminate my list like that one, and the one person who irks me the most because she gossips, i am telling her all the right information about me and then she at least gets the information correct when she passes it on

  8. I hate all of those things too.

    “I hate it when visitors to my home go through my closets to see what I have or how neat/messy I am and make snide remarks about the things I own.”—I’ve never had that happen, but that sounds awful!

  9. I hate all those things too, Suzicate! I really hate getting stuck behind someone at the store when I was praying for an “in and out” experience. If you know you are going to have complicated issues, let the people behind you go first. Express check out should mean just that. Wham bam thank you mam!

  10. I’m soooo glad that someone else finds typos AFTER posting! Many of your vents would be on my list as well. And that last one takes the prize! I’m not sure I would have been able to keep my mouth shut.

    • I was good…I didn’t tap my foot, sigh, or make an annoyed face; I kept trying to think that God must have stalled my visit for a reason…maybe to learn patience?

  11. Suzi, you’ve got two listed here that are things that I hate too….

    “I hate it when I proofread and don’t find mistakes until after I push the publish button”

    That happens to me A LOT. And no matter how many times I proof read, I will still find mistakes after I publish a post. And sometimes I find them a WEEK later and go, “OMG….I can’t believe I didn’t catch that.”


    “I hate it when I walk in a room to get something and forget what I went after. Even worse is when I go to the store and come home with every item on my list EXCEPT the main thing I went to buy”

    HAHAHA! Me too!

    Hope you had FAB day, my friend…..X

  12. oh my goodness the lady in line would have stretched me a bit…haha…i hear you on not saying i hate growing up…that meant the belt…but i hear you on the cursor jumps and the proofreading lol…that happens way too often for me honestly…

    i hate it when people start slowing down 300 yards from their turn and dont put a blinker on…

  13. Isn’t that radical cursor maddening? Jeeeeesh!

    I hate the fact that the telephone company gave a Driving School the same phone number as mine, but with a new prefix established after years of only having one. Of course, everyone automatically dials my number.

    It’s become a challenge for me to not be rude. It’s become a barometer: “So how is your love for humanity today, Amy?”

    • My phone number is apparently quite similar to a doctor’s office, Walmart, and Bubbles Salon (not lying on the name of this one!) and I often get calls for them…and then those pesky telemarketers who don’t obey the Do Not Call Registry…seriously thinking of dropping the land line since most of the important calls generally come on our cell phones anyway.

      • Exactly what I’m considering, SuziCate. I could just use a cell – especially since I’m not in business anymore so my old number is no longer vital. Apparently with a cell, I’d hear from friends more since they all text each other.

  14. I’ve read your ‘hate’ list and nodded in agreement all the way through! AND added a few…since we’re all venting and all! I feel so refreshed!

    (I think I’ve been behind that same customer at the store…argh)

  15. Lots of those make my pet peeve list too. The lady in line thing–that always happens to me when I’m running late and don’t really have time to wait patiently.

  16. I nodded all the way through this, muttering yes, yes, me too! The litter is high on the list, specifically the cigarette butt throwers. At what point did this become ok? It seems so natural to smokers. I don’t care that you smoke, but I’d rather you deposit your cancer stick remnants in your car or on your person until you find a trash can. And that express lane heifer…GRRRRRRRRRR.

  17. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS ONE: “I hate it when visitors to my home go through my closets to see what I have or how neat/messy I am and make snide remarks about the things I own.”

    What type of people do you have visiting? Maybe I am exempt from people doing that to me because I tell people in advance that if you EVER open a closet in my home you do it at your own risk. Something might fall out and kill you because the way I “put things away” is by opening the door really quick and throwing the item in and shutting the door even faster before the thing (and others) fall out!

    I’ve noticed that grocery stores now have the ability to suspend a transaction. So here, that customer that was obviously in need of attention would have been ushered to the side while her first item was being retrieved and the clerk would have processed your order. Fantastic cash register capability!

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