For the Love of Lighthouses

We visited the Cape Henry Lighthouses this weekend. The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse is open to the publci, but the New Cape Henry Lighthouse is not. I’ve selected a few of the photographs for your viewing pleasure.

The lighthouses are located on the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek/Fort Story (Navy/Army).

More information about the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse (1792) can be found here.

The original Cape Henry Lighthouse is the first lighthouse built by the Federal Government. It is one of nine lighthouses registered as a National Historic Landmark.

More information about the New Cape Henry Lighthouse (1881) can be found here.

The New Cape Henry is the tallest cast-iron, fully enclosed lighthouse in the United States

This photograph of the new lighthouse was taken from the top of the old lighthouse.

Living in the Gap

May 19, 2012 – Sweet innocence of children

“Can I pet your dog?” asks a dark haired girl dressed in purple shorts and shirt. She appears to be about five years old.

“Of course you can. Thank you for asking first.” Dirt Man replies.

The child rubs Wylie all over and in turn she wags her tail. The mother asks us what kind of a dog Wylie is and we chat about kids and dogs.

As we say goodbye and start to walk away the little girl puts her arms around my waist and gives me a big hug. I hug her back and she smiles. She moves on to Dirt Man and hugs him.

I tell the mom she has a very sweet little girl. She replies, “Well, she just knows good people when she sees them.”

What a lovely ending to a walk at the park.

Living in the Gap

May 20, 2012 – Time with the “Birthday Girl”

I take a birthday cake to visit with my elderly friend. She has never told me her age…her nephew told me she will be turning 100 on this birthday.

“Sing to me.”

At first I laugh because I don’t sing…then I remember she doesn’t hear well, even though she does have her hearing aid in.

I oblige and she thanks me.

“I’m turning ninety. Not too many wrinkles for ninety, huh?”

“You look fabulous,” I tell her, and I mean it.

“You once said you’d never tell me your age”, I add.

“Well, I tell you everything, honey.” I smile and give her a hug. I don’t have the heart to tell her I know the truth. If I looked that good (and even if I didn’t) and was turning one hundred I’d probably tell anyone who listened my age…

Living in the Gap

May 21, 2012 – Sounds of the dark

Wind chimes clatter and clang amidst the rushing wind. It sweeps in and out drifting like sand. Rain pitters and patters with an occasional splat caught in a breeze. Sirens wail and dogs howl in the distance. Up close and personal my own dog snores while the grandfather clock ticks away downstairs. I hear a creak on the far side of the house, maybe a limb scraping against the roof or perhaps just the house settling in…

30 thoughts on “For the Love of Lighthouses

  1. Lighthouses have such interesting histories, they awaken the imagination. The only one I have every visited is the Split Rock Lighthouse atop the cliffs on the west shore of Lake Superior (the most photographed lighthouse in the U.S.). The stories of life on the lake before it was built are interesting … but the story of how difficult it was to build it on top of that cliff and then to live there to keep it lighted are amazing.
    Speaking of amazing things … 100 years old … wow … I bet she has some stories to tell ….

  2. I had to reread the post to realize that the “new” lighthouse is also old. It doesn’t look new! The old one looks more contemporary, though I can’t imagine anyone using brick for such a structure since WWII.

    Your 100-year-old friend is one of a kind! My mother-in-law is four months and one day short of 100. She is one of 7 residents in her continuing care community to attain that age this year. It’s a BIG DEAL!

    Love the young dog petter/people hugger. How lovely you weren’t shy about sharing it. 🙂

    • Sounds a lot more fun than I’d bet is is…sure there would be a lot of hard work and weather to endure for the romanticism of living in one of those!

    • The guide showed me a pic of the new one and it has mosaic floors! She said the saying is they built the old one because they needed to and they built the new one because they could! The new one is not open to the public as it is being operated but she was privy to a tour since she worked the old one.

  3. Suzi, I adore lighthouses, so I really enjoyed your awesome photos and reading about them. One of these days I would like to visit New England, because the lighthouses there look so beautiful atop the rocky cliffs.

    Each on one your Living in the Gaps was so touching.

    I especially enjoyed the first one. It totally put a smile on my heart. Don’t you just love children?

    “I tell the mom she has a very sweet little girl. She replies, “Well, she just knows good people when she sees them.””

    What a beautiful moment!

    Happy Monday, my friend……X

  4. Wonderful lighthouses! I think the old one is the most beautiful. I love the story of the little girl and the pup. My dogs have all loved children too. Honey was the best. She looked so fierce and was the sweetest with kids. She would like their hands and nuzzle them while they squealed with joy.

    If I lived to be 100, I’d probably forget how old I was!

  5. Great pictures of the lighthouses – they’re just so romantic somehow I think. And cheers to puppies that little girls who hug like to pet, and to the little girls who hug, and friends who can celebrate being 100 with enough youth to lie about their age.

  6. I love the lighthouse pictures! I also got a laugh from your visit with your 100-year-old friend. Aren’t we supposed to lie about our age in the other direction? I’m glad you sang happy birthday to her even though you don’t normally sing 🙂

  7. Wonderful lighthouses — so beautiful and functional! Loved your story of the little girl and your dog, as well as your visit with the birthday girl. You’ve outdone yourself today, my friend!

  8. The juxtaposition between the old and new is really interesting. We’ve been to the lighthouse in St. Augustine, FL…and climbed ALL the steps to the top. Amazing views.

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