Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.  ~Dorothea Lange

We each see things differently. What is pretty to me might not be to another. We possibly have different tastes or our eyes focus on different aspects of the picture. Lighting changes; dimness softens while brightness sharpens. Items are added or taken away. Sometimes we simply see what we want or what we are looking for.

This is a place I go to often. While it looks somewhat the same, the ambiance changes not only with the season but the time of day. It exudes serenity, but at dusk it takes on an entirely new charm. When the sky is cloudy the colors are more abundant and the sunset more alluring. This serves as a lesson to me on how I look at people. What I see in mere appearance is not who they are. Their colors come to surface through attitude and action.

On an equal note, as lovely as this scene is under certain conditions it has the power to not be as lovely. After a hard rain, there is a threat of flooding. When winds are harsh, downed trees cause damages. Again, this lesson resides in people; just because they look lovely it doesn’t mean they are attractive from the inside out.

Picturesque? Are you pleasing or are you a pleaser?

Don’t merely look at your world; see it.

Know your scenery. Know your people. Most of all, know yourself.

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46 thoughts on “Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

  1. Lovely shots, especially the first and last. And the Lange quote is perfect. I do the same thing, look at certain places daily with amazement of the different quality that light, air, even the attitude of a place can have, that causes my eye to see it in some fresh way, even though it is as familiar as the back of my hand. I am a pleaser, and am working at making sure that I see the core of people, and not just the showy surface, as a way to make sure that I am taking care of myself, and surrounding myself with people who enrich me, regardless of the view. Happy week to you, suzicate.

  2. Suzi, each one of these photos is stunning yet, you’re right, each one looks completely different. I actually had to look at them closely to see that they were ALL the same view.

    “This serves as a lesson to me on how I look at people. What I see in mere appearance is not who they are. Their colors come to surface through attitude and action.”

    Right you are, my friend!

    Hope you had a great Monday!


  3. What a breathtaking place, in all seasons and times of day! And what a beautiful reminder of the difference between looking and seeing.

    You are linked!

  4. That is such a beautiful place. I especially like the first photo.

    And your words are so wise. The last line is perfect: “Know your scenery. Know your people. Most of all, know yourself.”

  5. Wow. These pictures are stunning. I know the last one was taken with your phone, were the others taken with the phone too? They are amazing photos. Really breath taking!

    I am always intrigued by how we see people. We form opinions based upon the situations we experience them in. That intrigues me. It is normal to do so, but it is limiting as we don’t always see the whole person because of our limited experience with them. Fascinates me. A pretty person can appear “ugly” when seen kicking a dog.

  6. I tend to forget that looking and seeing are two different things. I guess it all depends upon people’s perspectives as well. Not only at what angle you are facing the picture, but also your experiences that mold your opinion of the picture you are now facing.

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