A Time For All Things

Give your stress wings and let it fly away.  ~Terri Guillemets

Ever feel deflated, like you’ve lost your bounce?

Sometimes we’re just physically exhausted. Maybe we’re overworked. Maybe we’ve played too hard.

Other times we’re emotionally taxed out. We’ve worried too much or we’ve spread ourselves thin.

When I get like this I remind myself to breathe. In. Out. In. Out. I focus on everything around me…the temperature, the sounds, the scents… I take it all in. I close my eyes and inhale deeply. I feel gratitude sweep over me as I am filled with the blessings of life. When I open my eyes I feel refreshed.

Take time to refresh and enjoy your life.

Living in the Gap

May 5, 2012 – Teasing the birds

I have a book that plays bird songs. I push the button for a sparrow song, a cardinal call, a robin tweet, and various other bird sounds. Two song sparrows fly near and peck about the ground. A single cardinal swoops low and settles on the fence and sings back. Each time I hit the button a birds answers. The cardinal seems particularly interested as he keeps repositioning himself about the yard. Finally he perches in the top of a neighbor’s cypress and he sings back and forth with the book.

Living in the Gap

May 6, 2012 – The Invitation

We are on a photo excursion inNorfolk. We are taking pics of the Navy ships and old churches. While waiting for DirtMan to finish a shoot I am admiring the gardens of what appears to be a historic home. As I am reading the sign that states it is the ‘Moses Myers House, 1792’, a gentleman pokes his head out the front door. “When you’re finished, come on in for a tour. We’re free.” Now, who can turn down free? I mean for history lovers like us this is an offer we can’t refuse. The house tour and history lesson are the highlight of our day! Sometimes life’s pleasures are simple and unexpected. (More to follow on this later…)

Living in the Gap

May 7, 2012 – Wylie, the watchdog

Wylie chases the squirrels away from the birdfeeders and settles herself in the yard. Thought they are too quick for her to catch, her presence intimidates them. They remain at a distance across the yard or too high for her to reach. She seems content to lounge in the clover and watch the birds eat…

35 thoughts on “A Time For All Things

  1. Ooh, a free tour – that is a nice surprise. Can’t wait to read (and see photos?) of that one 🙂

    There are times I do feel deflated. Unless I do something to change things and refresh, things don’t get better. I like your technique.

  2. “remind myself to breathe. In. Out. In. Out. I focus on every­thing around me…the tem­per­a­ture, the sounds, the scents… I take it all in. I close my eyes and inhale deeply.” Great advice – something I’ve had to do a few times these last few days. It seems we can glide along in life quite readily for long periods, then suddenly the need to breathe deeply hits.

  3. Yes, taking time to relax and recover may seem unproductive, but is certainly essential.

    We have an electronic bird caller (one that you can buy the different cards with) and the kids have lots of fun with it. I am sure the songbirds do not appreciate hearing the birds of prey calls though.

  4. That first sentence and the photo are PEFECT starts to this post, Suzi.

    Sometimes I lose my Tigger Bounce . . . and the wind is knocked from my sails. Breathing is key to a return to buoyancy. 😀

  5. “I close my eyes and inhale deeply. I feel gratitude sweep over me as I am filled with the blessings of life. When I open my eyes I feel refreshed.”

    This post is so simpatico with how I spent yesterday afternoon doing the same thing! I spent it sitting in the park under a tree; breathing and feeling grateful.

    LOVED all your Living in the Gaps, Suzi! “Teasing the Birds” was so CUTE!

    Have a marvi Monday, my friend….X

    P.S. Wylie is adorable!

  6. What breed of dog is Wylie? She’s just too cute! My Sheltie gives chase to any squirrels that come in his yard; he even likes to herd them across the utility lines!

  7. Great shot of your girl there! I’ve never been to the Moses Myers house, either. That’s funny that the cardinal answers the recorded bird. 🙂

  8. That is funny – the birds answernig your book.

    How wonderful that you stumbled upon a historic house tour and it was free!

    Wylie looks like she had a recent haircut.

  9. When I feel overwhelmed, I also reach out for nature. The soothing sounds and landscape remind me that what I am feeling is temporary and that provides me with some lasting comfort.

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