Breathing In This Space

Living in the Gap

April 21, 2012 – Lost

I think I’m supposed to turn right on this street. I second guess myself and turn right on the next street. I keep going realizing I am lost. I ask someone how to get where I want to go. I was supposed to have taken the turn I talked myself out of. In the process I come upon something I’d been looking for anyway so the loss of direction isn’t in vain. How often do we second guess ourselves only to hear someone else say we were headed in the right direction the first time? How often are we rewarded when we are side-tracked? I’ve come to learn that even when I doubt myself I am still right where I am supposed to be.

Living in the Gap

April 22, 2012 – Burning a candle

This is the first candle I’ve ever purchased with a wooden wick so I’m not sure what to expect. Fire flames instantly, and at double the height of a regular wick. It crackles and roars like a fireplace. I wait thinking it will calm in a bit. The flame continues to roar so I settle in and enjoy my fake fireplace with the added bonus of seaside scent. Nothing like a bonfire on the beach inside on a rainy day!

Living in the Gap

April 23, 2012-Apples in the mist

Rain drops bead on the grass, flowers, and tree limbs. The wetness has awakened the scents of spring. The Carolina Spice bush is enticing…smells as if I’m walking in an apple orchard. I remember early mornings of my childhood; tennis shoes drinking the dew as I run through rows of apple trees while Daddy gets his workers started in the orchard. As I inhale the sweet smell of apples rotting on the ground and the ones ripe for picking on the tree I feel as if I’ve reversed time.

36 thoughts on “Breathing In This Space

  1. The most interesting things happen when we get turned around, find ourselves off the beaten path, side-tracked into unfamiliar territory and have the time to relax and enjoy it.
    It is cold and snowy here again … your candle sounds like it would have been a great thing to have had here this weekend, too.

  2. u describe it so good.
    my grandfather had a great Garden when i was Child.
    i would like that i can to at times.
    in his garden existed apple,Pomegranate,Berry,Grapes and Other things.

  3. ” I’ve come to learn that even when I doubt myself I am still right where I am supposed to be.”

    LOVED that, Suzi! And you’re absolutely spot on!

    ” How often are we rewarded when we are side-tracked?”


    Each one of these Living in Gaps is lovely. And I have to chime in with Slamdunk and say….you say more in a few sentences than most writers can say in a whole chapter!

    Happy Monday, my friend…..X

    P.S. great photo!

    • It was cool. I’d taken my youngest’s gf yard saleing and while we were looking for a particular one we ran across three more and found the exact objects she was looking for!

  4. I saw a wood wick candle for the first time last month. They are so different! I didn’t buy one because I was afraid the tall flame and crackling sound would be too much for our curious kitties to resist 🙂

  5. I’ve never seen candles with wooden wicks! I may have to look those up when I have time! Loved the 23rds and of course you know I totally agree with being where we are supposed to be. What is that I always say? EVERYTHING happens for a reason! Love you!

  6. “I’ve come to learn that even when I doubt myself I am still right where I am supposed to be.” EXACTLY! I always look for the lesson I feel I must be needing to learn.

    I’ve never heard of a candle with a wooden wick.

    I am so often smiling when I am done reading your posts!


    • We all are learning all the time; sometimes lessons we don’t think we need or want to learn, but such is life.
      It was the first candle I’ve seen with a wooden wick. It was made by a local resident, so I plan to get more.

      • Yes! This is very true. Sometimes there are lessons we don’t want to learn. Those are the hardest to learn.

        Yeah, I really don’t think I have ever heard of a wooden wick. Is there a specific point to it? What type of wood is used for a wick?

      • I don’t know what kind of wick. It’s not round like a pencil or toothpick. It’s shaped more like an emory board, a thin slat about a half and inch wide.

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