When The Sun Goes Down…

When the sun goes down

another day dawns. It’s always refreshing to get a new start.

Living in the Gap

April 14, 2012 – Morning Light

Curtain panels swelled with sunlight. Sun threatened to burst through the gold brocade fabric. Threads simmered as if on the verge of explosion.

Living in the Gap

April 15, 2012 – Cardinals

The female cardinal suspended herself above the hanging geranium while the bright red male pecked between cobblestones. They met up on the lawn edge and twitted about until they fluttered to the greenery of a hedge.

Living in the Gap

April 16, 2012 – Sky at dusk

Pink trimmed trees glowed against a purple sky. Crickets had a full blown orchestra playing from my neighbor’s back yard. The moon stood watch high above while airplanes twinkled across the sky like shooting stars.

23 thoughts on “When The Sun Goes Down…

  1. Lovely thought about getting a new start to a new day. And you’re right about the crickets — sometimes they’re so noisy, it’s hard to get to sleep!

    • Fortunately I was sitting in the yard sipping on a glass of wine so between the crickets and the windchimes it was delightful…now if it was keeping me from sleeping I’d have a different story!

  2. Well, being someone who ADORES sunsets, I LOVED this post, Suzi!

    Beautiful images!

    There is something so peaceful and calming to me about the end of the day. My favorite time is dusk, that time between light and dark.

    Lovely Living in the Gaps, my friend! Beautiful visuals!

    Have a great Monday…….X

  3. It will be awhile before I have all of your bright and cheery spring colors to start the day. Today’s new start was a big mess with tons of wet, heavy snow for me … but, I know tomorrow’s start will be much brighter … everything is dressed up in white from head to toe.

  4. Your photos and text remind me of how much I love summer–when we seem to work in more sunrises and sunsets.

    Now, I ready for tomorrow. I’ll have to look for a cardinal.

  5. So you have a ferry life as well, SuziCate?! The header on my Face Book is from the bow of my home-coming ferry. It’s not fun being governed by ferry schedules, but there are days when the cruise includes a treat from Nature.

  6. Ahh, you know how I heart sunsets! Gorgeous! Your living in the gaps are very nice as well. Love the cardinal one! Or, as we say…Get a room! Guess they did. 😉

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