Spring “Breaking” My Back

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy (Anna Karenina)

I am the type of person who likes to make big plans without thinking through the full scope of what I’m about to take on. I like to run with an idea based solely on my perceived outcome of the project. I dream and jump into my vision while Dirt Man is a methodical planner.

We don’t take a spring break now that our kids are grown, but with the crisp air and shining sun we’ve filled our time with many tasks. I’ve busied myself making our yard a bird, hummingbird, and butterfly oasis. I’ve had Dirt Man hanging flower baskets, garden flags, and wind chimes.

After cleaning, but before the paint job.

…And then I birthed the bright idea of painting our shed. (You see we had our house a few years ago. The gray shed withWilliamsburgblue trim did not match the house, and I had an intense desire to remedy that.) I thought we’d slap a little paint about and be over it! Ha, I forgot this involved the engineer (Dirt Man). Did I know we had to scrub the shed with TSP first to remove dirt and mildew? Well no, I’d never given that much thought. I planned to cover it up….you know like a supersized band aid. That didn’t fly withDirtMan.We spent one evening scrubbing the shed. After about two minutes of scrunching and twisting my neck while hanging on a ladder and stretching my arms to reach under the eaves, I was ready to call it quits. However, I kept my mouth shut since it was my idea in the first place, (I have this terrible problem with admitting I am wrong and being defeated.) So we scrubbed, wiped, and sprayed, and stretched and pulled our muscles and bones until they ached and we could hardly move. The shed looked good, but I wondered how our bodies would ever endure long enough to paint the whole thing. The next day Dirt Man caulked the shed. A few days later (after the shed had thoroughly dried…and no I didn’t know that part was necessary either!) we were ready to purchase our paint. Of course by then dirt had blown against the lower portions of the shed and I had to wipe those down. I was instructed throughout the process as I tended to apply too little paint – I was being careful not too apply too much, after all I didn’t want my paint job to be all drippy, runny, and streaky! Our bodies survived the job! The following day Youngest helped Dirt Man put a second coat on the trim. Voila, what an eye brightener!

Ah yes, much better!

This was probably not the greatest idea to have thrown at a man just six weeks out of back surgery, but he held up well. I’m ashamed to admit, his body fared better than mine. But hey, the shed not only matches the siding on the house but it brightens up the yard!

In appreciation, I even planted a lilac bush beside the shed. Can’t you just imagine opening the window and smelling that lovely scent? Now Dirt Man can work at his bench and look at the pretty blooms…oh yeah, that’s something I’d do…that is if I was trusted to play with power tools!

The Spin Cycle: Spring Break

Living in the Gap

April 12, 2012 – Talking with Daddy

The phone rang.

“Your daddy wants to talk to you.” My father NEVER dials the phone…my mother has to do all that and hand it over to him.

We talked about rocks, gardening, and the farmer’s almanac. My father plants according to “the signs” and even times his haircuts the same way. We planned a “rock hunting excursion” for my next visit. There is a certain type of rock (a white quartz or similar) I want to border around one of my flower beds and Daddy knows just where to find them in the woods.  Conversation flowed and time flew by. Of course, no conversation is complete unless Daddy includes a couple of stories. I treasure those moments.

47 thoughts on “Spring “Breaking” My Back

  1. My husband is like you. Likes to go with the vision and cover up any loose ends. I’m like Dirt Man. I like to plan everything out, a budget of supplies, the time necessary, and what could happen. 🙂

  2. Loved your story. Husband is like Dirt Man. When we first moved here, I bought a small bag of wildflower seed and told him I was going to do a small test patch, about 5′ by 10′. Once the idea was voiced, he grabbed it and ran and I ended up with a “test patch” 50′ by 50′. Needless to say, my small bag of seed wasn’t quite enough.

  3. The shed looks great. I’m glad to hear that Dirtman has recovered well enough to help you. And I can’t wait to hear and see more about your hummingbird and butterfly garden.

  4. Beautiful! Amazing how much a can of paint helps. Well, a can of paint and what sounds like a LOT of effort.

    You will be linked momentarily!

  5. If you’re like me, if I stop to really think about those big jobs, I’d change my mind based on the work invovled! Love your lilac shot. My dwarf lilcas are blooming their heads off now.

    • We don’t have to have a permit to paint. In fact, when hubby built that shed he built it just within the specs to not have to get a permit and inspection…and do you know they pulled up in the cul de sac and measured it with laser equipment and found out it complied and didn’t bother us after that!

  6. Great job! When I last painted the shed. or one of them, I also painted flowers on it. Maybe I’ll send you a photo. All ours need to be scrubbed now though. What was that you used? TSP? what is that? Can I get it at Home Depot?

  7. The shed looks nice. I can imagine how you felt afterwards. Were you able to get out of bed the next day? 🙂 Isn’t that like an engineer-type to have a whole list of stuff that has to be done before what we really want done can be accomplished? Your lilac is pretty.

  8. A perfect example of now two minds can be better than one, with an excellent outcome. My man is like yours – forward thinking and methodical, whereas I tend to allow ideas to evolve, working it out as I go along. Working together, like you, we get the job done. Your Dad sounds great – no wonder you treasure him! 🙂

  9. The shed looks wonderful! I’m glad Dirtman’s back made it through that ordeal (yours too of course). While you and Daddy are searching for your quartz see if you can scare up a jack rock or two! Maybe even an arrowhead!

    • I find jack rocks every time I walk up to the old home place, but I haven’t found an arrow head in years. Uncle D took cousin Lew and his son hunting for them there yesterday and they didn’t find any.

  10. Are you sure it was Dirt Man in the hospital with back problems? Man, I don’t know how he pulled off that, SuziCate…but the end result is terrific.

    Your gap brought such a longing for me to be able to talk to my dad. I have so many questions about how to do things. If only I could find his “manual”… 😀

    • Really, I think he’s in better condition post surgery than I am on a good day!
      Yes, my daddy is a wealth of information and interesting; quite a character to boot. I know you must really miss yours.

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