Spring into Life

If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand, Rejoice, for your soul is alive. ~ Eleanora Duse

The spring of your life has arrived. Spring comes gently in the morning dew and softly sprinkles you with afternoon showers. The sun kisses your neck and moves you to action. The wind flows over you to remind you of the power of life.

The spring of your life has arrived. Live it up. Sing and fly with the birds. Play like a squirrel.

Dance in the rain showers. Soak up every drop of living water.

Don’t stand against the wind. Ride with it. Let yourself flow.

It’s spring. It’s time to unfurl your beautiful self, smile, and greet the sun.

Be a blossom of life: Bask in the sun. Sip the rain. Sway with the wind. Let nature take you on a journey. Don’t just relax in its glory; be a part of that glory.


Living in the Gap

April 7, 2012 – Painting the shed

Brush stroke by brush stroke, tan takes over gray. Paint runs, gobs, and layers. Color transforms the old to new. As I absorb myself into covering wood, I hear dogs barking across the street. I look up to see the mailman talking to my silent wagging dog. As the mailman heads down the street the barking of dogs passes from one end of the street to the other and then back up the next street circling the block. I watch my dog sit at the corner of the yard looking out at the street for the barking dogs. I wonder if this is some sort of “canine mailman alert” that my dog is not yet privy to. Perhaps she just likes the mailman and doesn’t perceive him as a threat.

Living in the Gap

April 8, 2012 – Water and Smoke

As I stand and watch water drop from the hose upon green leaves and a rainbow of petal, I smell smoke. The smoke smells like a brush fire. I glance across the sky to see gray drifting in and taking over a portion of blue. Occasionally, the water from my hose sprays a bit too hard and lifts ground dirt covering my flowers the same way the smoke covers the sky. Both are temporary: bright flowers shake off the scattered dirt and the sun breaks through the smoke.

Living in the Gap

April 9, 2012 – Mowing with a swallowtail

As I make a trail through the lawn I feel a flutter about my head. A swallowtail butterfly flies ahead of my cutting line and comes back to circle my head and follow me as I make a couple of rounds through the grass. It flurries off to the flower bed and bounces from scabiosa to phlox to verbena and moves on to my neighbor’s yard.

Living in the Gap

April 10, 2012 – Rush of wind

I sit in the sun taking in the scent of theCarolinaspice bush. I hear the rush of wind before I feel it. It sounds almost like a gentle ocean wave except as it moves a rattle of leaves accompany it. I let it flow over me and lift me in its song and dance.

16 thoughts on “Spring into Life

  1. Very nice, but after a couple of days of doing some yard work (yes we’re having a bit of spring) I’m happy for a rainy day because my body does not feel like spring.

  2. Your Living in the Gap paragraphs are just lovely. I particularly like the “canine mailman alert.” Isn’t it interesting to think of what those barking dogs are saying to each other?

  3. I thoroughly loved this post. Beginning with one of my favourite quotes and ending with your wonderful living in the gap. thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed this touch of glorious beauty and peace today.

  4. “Don’t just relax in its glory; be a part of that glory.” – I like that. It makes me want to get out there and do something….maybe after a good night’s rest, though.

    • Too bad when you were here it wasn’t in its glorious time of year. You need one! I’ll have to give you a cutting next time you’re here…mine started as a small cutting several years ago.

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