Shades of Azalea

When we bought our house twenty years ago, we didn’t have a landscape budget. A good friend of my parents knew someone who owned a nursery and gave us thirty azaleas. It was a long arduous backbreaking but beautifully rewarding process of digging and planting. Through many years of cold winters we’ve lost about half of the shrubs. The shades of the remaining azaleas range from pure white, pale pink, princess pink, fuchsia, to scarlet red. As the tone of velvet changes as the fabric is rubbed, my yard appears as a velvet gown in early spring.

“And in the woods a fragrance rare
Of wild azaleas fills the air,
And richly tangled overhead
We see their blossoms sweet and red.” ~Dora Read Goodale “Spring Scatters Far and Wide

Living in the Gap

March 4, 2012 – Balancing one another

Bone tired and muscle sore, we shuffle and limp like shadows in the night. His hand reaches for mine. Through time we’ve learned where to lean and where to stiffen. Hearts smiling, together we become a cadence of age and grace as we stroll through the parking lot.

20 thoughts on “Shades of Azalea

  1. Your azaleas are gorgeous! As for the living in the gap… I too well know the feeling. Dwight and I often look at each other and just smile because we wonder when we became just like Mama and Daddy! Loe you!

  2. I love azaleas in bloom, but I’ve had no luck with them here. Our growing seasons are so so short, and frost is possible any month of the year – not to mention the very dry air. You have every right to be proud of yours!

    • We are in the perfect zone for them. My family also in Virginia but about two hundred miles away has a hard time growing them. I guess the winters here are usually warm enough to support them most years.

  3. Suzi, these photographs of your azaleas are knock-down gorgeous!

    And it’s so ironic you posted them today because few days ago I was out and about; walking around the city, and came upon an azalea garden!

    I love azaleas because they’re so simple, yet so GRAND!

    Loved your Living in the Gap today. So sweet!

    Happy Wednesday, my friend…..X

  4. What a wonderful gift. I love azaleas but have not had great success with them. The little ones we planted last year have not bloomed yet.

    Your “Balancing one another makes me wonder how your husband is doing.”

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