Three Spring Days of Living in the Gap

Living in the Gap

March 31, 2012 – A Battle of Wills

The crow pecks and moseys about the yard. His feathers are so black they shine blue in the sunlight; almost as if the sun has picked a bit of the sky and placed it within his wings. A blue jay lights upon the porch rail. Tail feathers skyward, he shows off his finest wear of pretty boy blue with black and white trimmings. His crown ruffles in a fret and he swoops over the crow. The crow flutters and recovers. He continues his agenda of jabbing and wandering the lawn. The jay dives at the crow again, and both fly skyward in opposing directions.

Living in the Gap

April 1, 2012 – Heavenly Scent

I enjoy walking the yard after a fresh rain. I expect to be greeted with that “after rain” scent. As soon as I reach the edge of the patio, I meet  the aroma of Carolina Spice. I close my eyes and inhale…a cup of hot tea in a tiny scraggly blossom. Surely heaven has sent this to me this morning.

Living in the Gap

April 2, 2012 – Dragons and Candy


I dig holes, haul dirt, plant, and water. Surely my back is snapping and my butt is dragging…but oh, the sweet rewards…


I am lost in a world of dirt, water, and flowers. I hear only the singing of the birds and the beating of my heart…and maybe the occasional groan and pant of breath. Sun plays hide and seek with the clouds while I immerse myself into the earth.

45 thoughts on “Three Spring Days of Living in the Gap

  1. I am envious of your ambition and weather. I hope when the time comes, I will be as industrious as you have been … I love having flowers around in the summer time. What a wonderful way to spend your time .. there will be great rewards this summer. I have never heard of Carolina Spice … is it a cinnamon type scent or peppery spicy?

    • I fear I may never want to leave my yard this summer…or I may not be able to move around because I’ve done myself in. (Next project other than yard and house is I’ve decided to paint the workshop! It should prove to be interesting if nothing else!) It’s a lovely cinnamon/apple scent.

  2. “…my back is snapping and my butt is dragging” – and you have Snapdragons – cute!

    That Carolina Spice looks/sounds interesting. I’ve never seen anything like that.

  3. You have some interesting photos there. The snapdragon is very nice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or enjoyed the aroma of the Carolina Spice. Thanks for sharing the photos. I know it takes more time.

    I saw snapdragons at the store yesterday, but am afraid to plant them here until May.

  4. I’m mad at the crows right now, blackbirds too. I bought new seed to attract a few new birds to my yard, and it’s working, but the big aggressive birds chase the pretty songbirds away. I’m gonna have to change seeds again. I can’t have bullies around here. 😉

    Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

    • We have a blue jay that picks on the cardinals, robins, crows, wrens…doesn’t leave anyone out. I wouldn’t be surprised to catch him chasing the squirrels as well!

  5. LOVED each and every one of these, Suzi!

    Being such an admirer of crows, I SO enjoyed that first one!

    As always, your photos are stunning! That flower in “Heavenly Scent” is so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Really enjoyed!

    Have a MARVI Monday…..X

  6. Lots of companies market “scent of rain” products, but I’m afraid they fall far short of the real thing! Such beautiful photos, Suzi; how I long for Spring to arrive here, too.

  7. Oh boy, you are so much further along than my zone. I could just smell those vibrant wee snappies! I don’t know about the C. Spice, but their name implies a grand scent – as do you, SuziCate.

    I enjoyed this immensely. Thanks.

  8. Gorgeous photos of your beautiful garden! It really looks and feels and smells like Spring! Those red flowers (Carolina Spice) are gorgeous! I’ve never seen them before.

  9. Unusually for Britain, we’ve had no rain for weeks, so thank you, Suzi, for reminding me of the smell of rain in Spring. I love the Carolina Spice – your description of it’s aroma makes it easy to imagine. And I can thoroughly recommend applying Edgar Cayce Egyptian Oil for post-gardening/painting aches and pains! 🙂

  10. I’ve never seen “our” blue jays and crows go at it. But then crows don’t stay long in our yard. And the blue jays kind of have first rights.

    Lovely little look at the gaps in your life. 🙂

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