Chasing Shadows

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” ~Stephen King

Spring has arrived in full swing. I’ve been so busy enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and beauty I haven’t taken time to sit and write. I’ve had my camera out and about taking pictures of statues, flowers, trees, and sky. I’ve captured gorgeous pear and cherry blossoms, camellias, and other spring glories. I’ve been gardening from sun up to sun down some days…I mean to tell you I’ve been getting down and dirty! I’m working on redoing all of my flower gardens and making them butterfly, bird, and humming bird attractions. My feet and back are taking a beating, but one thing’s for sure; I’m ready for bed by 8:30 or 9:00, and I’m sleeping soundly these days. I’ll try to post some pictures and words soon. I’ve done my “Living in the Gap” entries though I didn’t get around to posting them. Though I feel as if I’m chasing my shadow, I know in a month or so I will reap the benefits of my hard work. And though it is hard work, I find it quite enjoyable and therapeutic…much akin to writing is to my soul.

Living in the Gap

March 24, 2012 – Wine Tasting

We’ve missed our Friday night ritual for the past three weeks. It is a delight to walk in to the smiles, chatter, laughter, and spirits. Sip by refreshing sip, we savor and ooh and aah over the cutting edge crispness of pineapple, oak, and orange overtones. We twirl our glasses…merlot clings to the glass before it falls into the pool of scarlet liquid. From white to red, we enjoy them all…and the company as well.

Living in the Gap

March 25, 2012 – First garden snake of the season

Bit by bit, I tug and strip the bed of the invasive periwinkle. Just as I step on the shovel to pound it in the ground, I see something dart by. I bend over to pick up the bulbs, and the little bugger sticks his tongue out at me. I drop everything and run to the front of the house and scream forDirtMan.(Good thing he has recovered from his surgery well enough to help me!) Then the quick little scooter slides under the leaves and slips into a tiny hole. Somehow he turns beneath the ground and darts his little head out at the base of a day lily and pokes his tongue out as he wiggles in and out. Just as he comes back out Dirt Man grabs him. At the same time I back into a small limb of pine needles…when I feel the prickle of those needles brush my legs I jump ten feet off the ground!

Living in the Gap

March 26, 2012 – Working in the rain

The sky is overcast…the air and sky blend into a grey haze. A fine mist follows me throughout my pruning and planting. The wet thick soil drizzles across my arms and legs. As I turn the garden hose on to rinse away the dirt, the spray from the sky turns to a light downpour. I lift my face to the sky and breath in the day. Spring is refreshing even when the sun isn’t shining.

30 thoughts on “Chasing Shadows

  1. “invasive periwinkle” Now, now. This is indeed no weed. It is a blessing for a non flower garden person to have this plant so we can claim some kind of success with this flower stuff. Especially for me as the only thing I have been successful at growing is growing old. Suggest you plant a strip of the white and violet mix. Only gardens with a garden snake are considered official.

    • Ah yes, I’ve always loved that the periwinkle made my garden look like I could grow something! However, this year my aim is to attract butterflies and birds rather than snakes.
      I must be official…last year we got five at one time and then three more!

  2. Envy is pouring out of me, my eyes are the greenest green you have ever seen. I have wandered about the yard a bit, looking for green sprouts, picking up debris here and there, so so ready to go out and attack. And then the cold, or the snow or the rain drives me back inside. We have snakes, but not many. Or at least I see them infrequently. The one that made me scream was when I looked into the spout of my watering can to see why the water was only trickling and was met with the eyes and snout of a snake.

  3. I’m so excited for you and your garden makeovers. I hope they are a great success. I have been out of town and am looking forward to getting back to work on my gardens, although what you are doing sounds like so much more fun than what lies ahead of me with the ivy. I am determined to eradicate as much of it as possible. I do yearn for those days when I can play with new plants again.

    Hope your husband is recovering well.

  4. Wonderful post . . . filled with evidence that you are “busy living” not “busy dying.” Eeeek . . . snake!

    And we both featured Stephen King in our posts today.

  5. Suzi, I’m so excited to hear about your gardening. Me, being someone who does not have a green thumb, I so enjoy seeing the gift of those who do!

    Can’t WAIT to see your photos!

    LOVED your Living in the Gap entries. Especially the ‘Wine Tasting.” Don’t you just adore the underling tastes in wine?

    YUM- MY!

    Happy Monday, my friend…..X

  6. I love garden snakes! They are so amazing. I hope dirt man just relocated that critter. We have had rain almost every day for the last 2 weeks. I can’t wait to get out in the garden, but not in the rain! Hah! Yes, I’m a wuss!

  7. I’ve been soooo bad about keeping up with my reading/commenting. I just can’t get enough of the spring flowers outside! Glad someone else has been distracted by them as well. 🙂

  8. Spring is here, maybe not, yes for sure, only a little, maybe tomorrow, oh well…

    Funny weather that cause us to dress in layers. 😀 I have the fire going today.

    Thanks for including Stephen King’s excellent quote.

  9. Last week was incredible here in Nova Scotia. This week we’re back to more season temperatures. Snow flurries today and the promise of a few cm of snow overnight. I’m still optimistic. Spring is here. Loving it!

    • It’s a cool little place outside a shopping center called “Aunt Penny’s Park” which is dedicated to someone who devoted herself to the community and built the shopping center where its located.

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