Laws Of Magnetism

We attract what we emit.

What we give is what we are returned.

Do all you do in the name of love and you will be blessed with love.

Deal in honesty. Others will trust you and be open with you.

Show others you care and they will care for you.

Express an attitude of gratitude. Grace will follow.

Be forgiving. Others will extend mercy to you.

Trust others enough to extend opportunities to them and the same will come to you.

Teach your talents to those willing to learn and listen to those willing to teach you. It will all come full circle.

Accept others as they are without forcing your opinions on them. They will accept and respect you as you are.

Be kind and gentle. Those of the same disposition will find their way to you.

Be giving. Help others. When the need arises, others will be there for you.

Be responsible and accountable. People will depend on you, but they will also hold themselves liable to their actions.

Look for the good in those you meet. They will also see the good in you.

Always do your best. Those around you will expend their best efforts as well.

Peace comes to those who live their lives in harmony with others.

Living in the Gap

March 21, 2012

Darkness is thick in the air, but that doesn’t keep the birds from rising. The cardinal sings and waits a few seconds and slips into another song. He must not impress the female because he tries three more tunes. Other birds are tweeting, twittering and jabbering away. I wonder which bird was early enough to get the worm. I watch the dark roll out as light takes over. A mist so deep it appears as a metallic sheet rises through the trees blocking the sun. Robins make their own sunshine as they flutter to and from the cedar crooning the morning into view.

26 thoughts on “Laws Of Magnetism

  1. ‘Accepting others as they are without forcing your opinions on them,’ has been the most difficult one for me. But – to gain their respect – I have to trust that they are exactly where they are meant to be. Thank you for reminding me, Suzi 🙂

  2. EXCELLENT share, Suzi!

    *two thumbs up*

    This is one of those things that I should read every single morning before heading out the door, as a GREAT reminder!

    Thank you for sharing, my friend.

    Beautiful photo!


    P.S. lovely Living in the Gap!

  3. Gorgeous picture! Your words speak to the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect. When we are gracious to others we do often get that in return (well, except for while in rush hour traffic…)

  4. I so agree with you. no matter how rough the situation is we should keep it in mind that what we emit is what will come back to us. then brace ourselves for the return before we lose cool and do something rough.

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