The Crowning Glory Of Spring

Flowing gown of white and tendrils sculpted, she waltzes through the sky. The stars of night hold no candles to her beauty.

Like lovers, the skirted leaves hang on her every breath and move, delighted to be in her presence.

Citrine crowns burst and stretch from within the petals as if they are screaming, Look at me!

As one they sashay in the wind and flirt with the clouds. The blossoms wink and smile and all are mesmerized by her charm.

Stamens drape like tiny black pearls around her neck as she curtsies in the wind. The birds and bees sing her praises and applaud her sweetness. The world adores her poise.

Living in the Gap

March 19, 2012 – Aromas and Tastes of Times Gone By

I am in my kitchen in the midst of replicating some of Big Mama’s Sunday staples. Wylie plops herself in the middle of the floor so I have to step over her each time I move from stove top to wall oven or counter or fridge…Wylie knows she is in the perfect spot to lap up any spills, and she knows good things happen in my kitchen. Red liquid of tomatoes juice and bubble around the bright yellow corn and pale green baby limas. The aroma takes me right back to childhood. The cast iron skillet sizzles and hums with fried chicken. Sweet lemon wafts from the oven where the pound cake bakes. My long fingers knead and roll sticky biscuit dough. I am transformed into the adult side of my childhood. I smile thinking of my family enjoying the tastes that fed my past. No chatter in my kitchen like those from my childhood, but CCR is blasting in the background keeping me company.

42 thoughts on “The Crowning Glory Of Spring

  1. The photos are breathtaking! Wow!

    I love how you describe working in the kitchen. I often feel the same way. The dogs adore the kitchen when I cook. And they place themselves directly underfoot at all times hoping for a drip! Unfortunately, my mother didn’t really cook so I didn’t learn how until I was in my 30’s. A boyfriend taught me and I found that I actually love it!

    • I wasn’t old enough to help out in my grandmother’s kitchen and my mom allowed me in but didn’t make me do much…I mostly experimented in there and didn’t really learn to cook until I got married. Dirt Man helped teach me and then it was touch and go with recipes.

  2. Suzi, once again….you impress me with not only your words, but also your photos. OMG….they’re GORGEOUS! The color and clarity is absolutely stunning!

    “Flowing gown of white and tendrils sculpted, she waltzes through the sky. The stars of night hold no candles to her beauty.”

    Bellissima! Loved that!

    I also loved the ‘sense’ imagery you created in your Living in the Gap! There is nothing like an iron skillet for cooking,is there?

    Happy Monday, my friend!


  3. Stunning, vibrant images – thank goodness you did have your camera. No blossom in Britain yet but the leaves on the trees are unfurling, so it won’t be long. The words you write about your kitchen activities are so evocative, too. Which reminds me – it’s time for supper! 🙂

  4. Great photos! No blooms here yet. I love to listen to CCR when I cook too. You have a great gift of expressing what you see, smell, feel, touch…….. 🙂

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