Has Spring Really Sprung?

Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.  ~Virgil A. Kraft

Living in the Gap – A walk through the front yard

The sun is shining like a great warrior in the sky. It has soaked in the rain from the previous few days and is bringing to life all that was hidden beneath hard soil, dead leaves, and brittle pine straw. And how the green shines like a crown upon the earth.

Buds of hyacinth promise glorious flowers for the earth to tuck into her tresses, pure as a bridal gown.

Blue? Purple? Regal, none the less, and awaiting for its position on the crown.

Pink, fresh and playful as a child’s face on a hot summer day, smiles at the sun and delights in the beauty of the day.

A bug peaks from behind a white petal, reminding me flowers provide more than beauty and fragrance. Flowers are truly the essence of spring life.

The purple hyacinth boldly claims its seat on the throne, for it knows it is the glory of the garden.

The simple daffodil laughs at all the fuss. The daffodil knows it is the lone signal that spring has arrived.

Dainty white beauties sit quietly and watch spring unfold. They have no idea how they sparkle.

I look at the various colors throughout the yard, bending and sniffing here and there. I inhale the freshness of spring air and the fragrance it creates. I sneeze once or twice. I thank God for the beauty he has placed here for me to enjoy. I thank Him for perennials which require very little effort from me as I am not a skilled gardener. I thank God for I am blessed.

When Spring has Sprung

When the flight of the butterfly

Stalls on the lavender tufts of phlox

Fresh green replaces the dead and dry

And magic emerges from the hollyhocks

And I wake to dew on the tulips tongue,

I know that Spring has sprung.

When on nature’s beauty I turn my focus

To bask in beauty of petals, cherry and pear

And the tiny purple buds of early crocus

When I catch a whiff of lilac in the air

And when the robin’s song has been sung,

I know that Spring has sprung.

When hyacinth blooms hang like capes

Green tendrils shoot toward the sky

Muscari resemble bunches of grapes

And the pinkies let out their first cry

When I’m sad that each day is done,

I know that Spring has sprung.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams

38 thoughts on “Has Spring Really Sprung?

  1. such beauty to begin my day with. I was so excited, earlier this week, to see the daffodils peeking up from the soil. Now we have layer of snow again but I know they will survive. They are a hardy bunch.

  2. Yes it has, and I’m actually okay with it. I do miss the snow, but it almost never snows here, so that’s normal. My pear tree and blueberry bushes are budding and getting ready to bloom, so that’s going to be great. Mmm…and now I can only think about fresh blueberry smoothies.

  3. Suzi, these photo are knocked-down GORGEOUS!!!!

    HOLY COW! The colors and textures are amazing! Love the one of the bug peaking from behind a white petal.

    Beautiful poem, Suzi. And the quote from Robin Williams is hilarious!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of Spring, my friend.

    Thoroughly enjoyed!

    Have a glorious weekend……X

    • I had a better pic of the bug but the flower was blurry in that one!
      I think the birds and the bees are happy for spring as well. We woke up to a singing cardinal this morning. He was going at it, sending out every song he knew!

  4. I got so excited this morning because my daffs and hyacinths are finally blooming! Yours are lovely and now I can’t wait to take the camera and get some shots!

  5. Thanks for all the Spring Colors. Here in Minnesota we don’t have any .. not even green (yet). However, it is starting to look like Spring has Sprung (the snow melted in 5 short days) .. it feels like Spring (it is super warm for March) .. it sounds like Spring has Sprung (honking geese and swans) …. but, it simply can’t be!
    March is only half over (our snowiest month – it is common for us to have blizzards in March and highs only around 30 all month).
    Therefore, we doubt it is really Spring and try to keep in the back of our minds … this is not normal … just a trick of mother nature. But it does not stop us from enjoying it (70º or more today).

  6. Hycinths smell so divine! Absolutely my favorite harbinger of the season . . . followed in close succession by daffodils and crocus and forsythia and . . .

    Aah . . . SPRING! :mrgreen:

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