What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

“Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.” – R.E. Shay

Pink real Rabbits Foot Keychain

“What is it?” I finger the soft pink fur.

“It’s a rabbit’s foot,” she replies.

I laugh. I know rabbits have pink noses but not pink fur. I poke my index finger through the beaded keychain and watch it spin like a yoyo.

“No, it’s for real. They just dyed it to look pretty.”

“No way.”

“Really. Push through the fur and you’ll feel the bones.”

My fingers press until they rub against hard thin lines beneath the vibrant fur.

“Ewe, that’s creepy. Why do you carry it around?” I hand it back to her and rub my hands on my cut offs.

“It’s for good luck.”

“Really?” I am intrigued. I extend my palm to see it again. She places it in my open hand.

“You know it’s a good luck charm. I don’t know how it works, it just does.”

“Has it brought you good luck?”

“I don’t know. If you want you can take it home tonight and see if it brings you any.”

I stick it in my pocket and feel the soft fur down to the bone throughout the day. I can’t wait to get home and show my folks. On the school bus I pull it out of my pocket and clasp it around on of the belt loops on my shorts. When I run up the driveway to the house it bounces up and down beating against my hipbone.

“I think it’s probably fake, and it does not bring good luck. It’s just a silly superstition.” This comes from Mama, the woman who flips out if you open an umbrella in the house or worries someone is going to die if a picture falls of the wall. She goes on to tell me it is bad luck to depend on an object to receive good luck, it being blasphemous or something like that.

Daddy claims it is genuine and the fur has been dyed. As far as luck goes he says it’s all in what you believe. If you think good things will happen they will. If you worry too much, you invite bad things. This sounds more reasonable to me.

I really don’t notice my luck changing one way or the other, but I love the way it feels between my fingers or when I rub it against my arm or leg.

I take it back to school with me the next day and hand it over to its owner and thank her letting me use it.

“You can have it.”

“For real?”


“What do you want to trade?”

“Nothing. It’s yours.”

“Gee, thanks.” I smile and feel my face glowing as pink as the rabbit fur.

I carry my pink rabbit’s foot around for a long time. I never count on it for luck, more for reassurance. Eventually, it is cast aside for another talisman, a tiny round smooth river rock. I call that one my worry stone. When I feel anxious I turn it over in my hand or just run my fingers over it in my pocket. In time, I forget this as well. Years later I find the pink rabbit’s foot in a shoebox of junk. The silver knob that holds the chain is now tarnished though the fur is still soft. I smile remembering how I had hoped it might bring me good luck though I can’t remember exactly what type of fortune I’d hoped to chance upon.

I don’t really believe in luck, good or bad. Sometimes we’re in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes good things come from tremendous talent, lots of practice and perseverance. Sometimes things simply fall into place, and other times we get the raw end of the deal. Mostly I think we have a life attitude and life unfolds accordingly. We have life to experience and lessons to learn. Good or bad. Luck, coincidence, chance, destiny, fate, synchronicity…Whatever you call it, a rabbit’s foot, coin, stone, etc… doesn’t control the outcome.

Spin Cycle: Luck

Living in the Gap

March 14, 2012 – Chocolate Contest (today I am thankful for chocolate!)

Dirt Man and I each pop a piece of chocolate in our mouths. I let it melt over my tongue and let it’s sweetness spread through my mouth. There is something about chocolate that just transports me. Goodness envelopes my soul. We test all the chocolate in the house, one piece at a time. We start with Godiva white chocolate, and work our way through Godiva milk chocolate and onto Hershey’s kisses, both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Dirt Man declares the Godiva milk chocolate to be the best and the dark to be a close second. I change my mind with each piece that is melting in my mouth. I am inconclusive. I think I need to have several more pieces of each before I make a decision…after all, I want to be sure before I declare a winner!

40 thoughts on “What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

  1. I enjoyed your story! I had a purple rabbit’s foot when I was a kid. I tried not to think of the rabbit that used to be attached to it, though. (Hard to ignore when you feel the bones and the little claw. Ew.)

    I agree with your summation that attitude determines our life.

  2. I had a rabbit, not sure if he brought me luck though. I don’t think anything is random, everything happens for a reason, good or bad and things happen to teach us something, it gives us a new tool kit so we can then help someone else in the future.

  3. I have found, one can’t think about those things too much. If you do, we’re in control. When we don’t, wonderful things can happen. Like yesterday, I wasn’t thinking of good things or bad things, but had this wonderful, wonderful surprise that came out of no where! Isn’t it wonderful how some very good things happen when you least expect it…when you’re not on guard, thinking about them, wishing and hoping…they just happen.

    • You’re right. I don’t give those things too much thought either. The best things do happen unexpectedly and make them ten times more special than the things we plan for. When we plan excessively it seems to make life hard to live up to our expectations.

  4. I’m not one to believe in luck or coincidence. I never wish anyone “good luck.” Rather, I wish them “all the best.” Events happen for a reason and it’s up to us to adapt and change.

    Chocolate tasting contest! I’m so in.

    • I find myself saying good luck out of habit, kind of like I knock on wood though I don’t believe in it…I need to stop it!
      I went to a chocolate party once…sensational!

  5. Hooray! It’s back! I’m not a big believer in “luck” since I think we make our own. Still, when you see one person win the Lotto 3 times, you kind of wonder. Still, I think we do make good choices and bad and then work out how to live with the outcomes. Chocolate is always a good choice!

  6. “People always call it luck when you’ve acted more sensibly than they have.” ~ Anne Tyler

    Lucky you . . . buying enough chocolate to hold a contest! 😉

  7. Our childhoods were very confusing sometimes weren’t they? A full contradiction at every turn! But we learned and we adapted and I think we turned out all right!

    Chocolate contest? Good thing Mama wasn’t around!

  8. What a great story, Suzi!

    I too had a rabbits foot when I was a kid, along with a lucky penny.

    But like you, I no longer believe in luck, good or bad.

    “Mostly I think we have a life attitude and life unfolds accordingly. We have life to experience and lessons to learn. Good or bad. Luck, coincidence, chance, destiny, fate, synchronicity…Whatever you call it, a rabbit’s foot, coin, stone, etc… doesn’t control the outcome.”


    Adored your Living in the Gap! I LOVE chocolate, especially dark. And it’s funny you mentioned Godiva because I use to work for them many years ago and got TONS of free chocolate!

    Hope you had a supa’ day, my friend…..X

    • So glad you overruled WordPress’ glitches! Yay, Ron!
      I know a lot of people who had lucky pennies. Funny, the other day my oldest told me he found his great grandfather’s lucky penny…his grandmother gave him her father’s wallet years ago. It had a few bills in it that he left in tact. He decided to look through it and there was a penny meshed down in a corner of the leather!
      You worked for Godiva? Lots of free chocolate? What a dream!

  9. Well, i would probably agree with your dad that if you are very unsure or anxious you might just affect the things around you causing you to seem its bad luck. There is nothing wrong with believing on those superstitious things, just don’t take it too seriously.

  10. You’re so right on with this. I think the reason people feel like good luck charms work is because it gives them that little bit of extra confidence – like the fake luck potion Harry gave Ron in Harry Potter. Oops, sorry, I think my dorkness was showing for a second there…

  11. I had a blue rabbit’s foot when I was a kid. You’re so right in saying that “charms” don’t control whether we receive good or bad luck. But you know, the fur on mine was just like the one you had, all soft and pretty!

  12. Your description and imagery are so vivid. I love your writing! And I agree with you: I think sometimes we make our luck and other times, bad things happen to us, despite our best efforts. Great spin!

  13. I remember having a rabbit’s foot as a young teenager – I think now I would dwell on the fact that some poor rabbit probably lost his life so that I could have his foot. And I remember having a pair of loafers with the “lucky” penny. As an adult, I had a friend who was from Ohio – she carried in her pocket, always, a buckeye for luck. If nothing else, it did what the rabbit foot did for me – something to touch, to rub when nervous or bored.

    • I never had a pair of loafers, but I used to steal the pennies from my brothers and he’d trade me for them back…apparently he shined it nice and bright and would give me a dull one to give his shiny one back!

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