What We See

Note: This tulip was a medium pink, plain, no color variation…the effect is purely the light. I was surprised to see what was staring back at me through the lens.

When we look only with our eyes,

we often fail to see the beauty in front of us.

When we see something for what it truly is,

light shines through and opens it up.

Splendor radiates from the inside out.

Have many times have you looked at an ordinary object

but never really saw it until the light hit it just so?

How often do you pass people by without a second glance?

How often do you talk to people without ever knowing them?

How often does true worth escape us?

Look at someone in a new light today.

Do you see the spirit behind the eyes?

Do you see grace within movement?

Can you feel the warmth of love when you touch?

What does the tone of voice say to you?

What do you see that you never saw before?

Now, look at yourself in a mirror ā€“

What do you hope others see when they look at you?

Living in the Gap

March 12,2012 –Ā  A dog walk

Wylie and I got out for a bit of a walk today. While I had been missing fresh air, sunshine, and nature in general, I think Wylie had been missing mud puddles. She managed to trudge through every single puddle, drain ditch, and water filled pothole within sight. Each time she stepped into the water, she stopped and then preceded slowly one paw at a time lapping her tongue before her body reached the spot. She left a trail of wet prints behind. With each deep breath, I filled my lungs and exhaled stress of the week. Wylie and I were both cleansed in our own way.

42 thoughts on “What We See

  1. I teach a Sunday school class and i was asked to select a class president. After some prayerful thought i went into church one Sunday and i knew with all my heart that a certain was the right one. We have a woman who attends regularly but is simple in her ways and she often gets missed out because her disability but God saw a light that others didn’t. Okay she will never be able to teach my lesson on her own if i am away but she will serve faithfully. I saw something different when God shone his light on her.

  2. I like your description of your walk. I was out with my dogs yesterday. The fresh air and sunshine do wonders for the soul. Of course the dogs went through every puddle so it was bath time when we got home. Well worth it, though.

  3. BEAUTIFUL photo, Suzi!

    HOLY COW….it’s stunning!

    Beautiful post too. And I adore how you finished it….

    “Now, look at yourself in a mirror ā€“

    What do you hope others see when they look at you?”

    That’s awesome!

    Have a glorious Monday, my friend…..X

    P.S. enjoyed reading about your walk with Wylie!

  4. Often we return from a walk with dog bellies splattered with mud. It’s not so noticeable on black Bailey, but on white Shasta, it shows. It’s worth it though, to see them run about so happily and to get me out into the fresh air.

  5. Lots to think about here, Suzi. Asking ourselves these questions will certainly stretch our mind and our imagination. I think it’s important to be constantly asking…A lovely post. šŸ™‚

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