Rainy Morning

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. – Roger Miller.

Living in the Gap

March 10, 2012 – Rainy Morning

I woke up to a rainy morning. I realize rain can feel dreary, bring the spirits down, and make you want to just curl up and do nothing. Today, I welcomed the rain. I was entering my fifth ten hour work day; yes, my days are five days a week, ten hours a day. Anyway, it has been a rough week, and I really welcomed the cleanse of a gentle rain. I was soothed just listening to it hit the roof.

When I looked outside all I wanted to do was run out in it. Instead I pushed the dog out the door and followed her. I felt the rain pitter against my arms. Some bounced off. I lifted my face up to meet the rain head on. The drops massaged my face, running down my skin. Some softened and sunk in the pores.

As I stood there taking in this glorious act of nature, I realized how much our words are like raindrops. They, too, can bounce off or soften and penetrate.

One word might seem insignificant. However, one word can save a life or kill a heart. Take one word, or two; string them together to form a sentence and then a paragraph; possibly a novel.

One raindrop, not enough to quench a thirsty soul. Add another, or two, a bucket full…create a puddle, a river, flow into the sea.

Words. Raindrops. People. Alone, our power might seem limited. Together, we can make a difference, alter lives; maybe even save the world.

24 thoughts on “Rainy Morning

  1. I adore your analogy to rain, Suzi!

    “As I stood there taking in this glorious act of nature, I realized how much our words are like raindrops. They, too, can bounce off or soften and penetrate.”

    I’m like you in that truly enjoy walking in the rain – I love the element of water, therefore don’t mind getting wet. For me, a rainy day is therapeutic, cleansing, and calming.

    LOVE the quote you shared.

    Stunning photo of the bricks!

    Have a super Saturday, my friend……X

    • Dirt Man and I went hiking in the rain once. I remember I really didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to get wet. It ended up being one of the most peaceful hikes we’d taken. The sounds, scenery, and the feeling alone, pure serenity.

  2. The key word there is “together”, as in “united”. “United we stand. . . ” In this time of political campaigns, those words have a special poignancy. Is there a way we can hypnotize our politicians and implant those words in their brains as something positive, something to strive for?

    • It’s a pain in the butt (actually the back and knees!) to bend over and pick out all the grass and weed between the cobblestone…and I do it on occasion but not often. Someone once told me that instead of bothering with picking or applying weed killer to just pour scalding water over it and it would kill it. My luck, I’d splash and burn myself!

  3. Wow. Was it warm? Lately our rain has come with bitter cold so I couldn’t imagine going out in it and without a jacket. Brrrr.

    I am always amazed how you connect things, “are words are like raindrops . . .”

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