The Courtyard Of The Soul

We each have our own courtyard within our souls.

Our hearts carry the words of poets and philosophers, the inspiration of artists, and the ideas of geniuses.

We have a place of amusement and entertainment right in our own hearts and minds.

We each have all of this and more within ourselves.

Enter the silence and absorb the wonders deep within you.

The courtyard within our souls is enough to sustain us.

Spending time with ourselves takes us to the place God resides. He awaits our acceptance to His invitation. He is ready to fill the void within us.

He lives in our soul’s courtyard; right in the heart of the matter.

Everything we need is here for the asking.

Quiet your mind and the courtyard will appear.

Enter and be amazed, amused, and appeased.

Living in the Gap

March 8, 2012 – Strolling with a walker

Dirt Man with a walker shuffles through the obstacle course of toys strewn about the carpet and fascinated daycare children. Both girls, and infant and a toddler, cry at the sight of the walker and retreat as far away from it as they can. Two of the boys (brothers), a toddler and an infant, gravitate to it as quickly as they can. Toddler runs up to Dirt Man grinning and laughing and tries to help guide him along though this soon turns to him trying to climb the bars that run up the sides. Infant boy races to get ahead of him and darts in and out of the pathway. He crawls beneath and tries to go between Dirt Man’s legs and then attempts to pull up and stand using the walker bars as a crutch. Yes, the curious boys are fall hazards. It becomes a game of chase and get away. I find the reactions between the sexes interesting as I would have guessed their attention/fear to the walker would have been more related to their ages.

25 thoughts on “The Courtyard Of The Soul

  1. Beautiful, Suzi!

    And it’s ironic you shared this today because last week, a dear blogging friend of mine shared something very similar – about going ‘within’ to find what we need.

    “He lives in our soul’s courtyard; right in the heart of the matter.

    Everything we need is here for the asking.

    Quiet your mind and the courtyard will appear.”

    I love your visual of a ‘courtyard’ within our souls!

    Lovely photo.

    Have a super Thursday, my friend!


    P.S. Great Living in the Gap! Hope Dirt Man is healing well.

  2. As my world continues to crash around me and i see no way out the thought crept into my mind, what can you do about it all in this moment and my mind answered – nothing, and then in my mind i was sitting on the bank of a slow moving river and the sun was shining and then i opened you post, which was just for me today – thank you

    • You are welcome. I hope things get better for you. I’ve learned (as difficult as it is) that even when we’re going through bad times if we concentrate on the aspects we can control such as actions and reaction and thoughts rather than the what ifs and reach within for strength, clarity, and peace it calms me and I feel better quickly.

  3. Beautiful post and picture, Suzi! Some of us seem to need more “Me Time” than others — wonder why that is? Glad to hear Dirt Man is up and about!

    • Some do need more.I don’t know why. I am a caregiver so I don’t get a lot of me time…however, other than things I need to do, I spend some time writing and for a hot bath…those are my must need me times, and I always fit them in. (and of course, my own personal prayer time.)

  4. You are amazing in your writings. I find myself constantly looking around and when I find an interesting photo opp, I think “What would Suzie write about this?” 🙂

  5. In stillness, lies peace.

    Love the gender differences you observed with respect to the walker . . . and glad that Dirt Man is moving around. Thanks, Suzi.

  6. I held my breath – hesitating (for Dirtman) – over jolts and bumps of youthful curiosity and enthusiasm. Good parallel to hospital life – just a different obstacle course! 😀

    • I think he feels like they’re trying to kill him. We don’t have cats, but every once in a while our 90 lb dog will pounce onto the bed and send a jolt through him!

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