Trading Freedom For Security

We trade freedom for security every day.

Many stay in unhappy/unhealthy relationships for financial reasons.

Though they bring us little or no pleasure, we choose to continue jobs in which we are monetarily successful but personally disengaged.

We choose friends we think will take us places but remain detached.

Often the elderly give up their independence and wealth for physical safety.

The younger generation sometimes tosses happiness to the wind to please their elders or to make enough money to pave their way in the world. Maybe their choices are controlled by the purse strings of a parent.

Perhaps we become accustomed to certain standards of living and can’t imagine life otherwise. We drop our dreams for comfort.

You know deep down whether or not you are leading an authentic life.

You know whether or not you’ve been bought out.

It is time to decide if you are happy with life as it is.

Only you can choose the path which brings joy to your soul.

Do not let someone else be in charge of your future.

You feel the callings of your spirit.

You have the power to go where it leads.

You are in control of your life.

Live it your way.

Living in the Gap

March 6, 1012 – For the love of babes

I answer the door and she dives from her daddy’s arms into mine. Smiling ear to ear, ringlets bouncing from her head, she hugs me tightly. She lifts her head slightly to look me in the eyes and snuggles into my neck. It sure feels good to have been missed.

30 thoughts on “Trading Freedom For Security

  1. You are echoing my thoughts this morning. Am i living the life i want to or am i letting others chose for me? Have i let someone else have more control then i would really like them too? Or am i waiting for someone to come along and mend my life and tell me what to do. The answer is simple I am child of God and he loves me no matter what so all i have to do is walk in His footsteps.

    • I think we all wonder at times if we’re doing what we really want, and most of us really can’t afford to just quit our jobs and chase our dreams…however, it’s good to do what we really want as hobbies if we can.

  2. Many people thought I was making a mistake when I gave up the “financial security” of practicing law to regain my FREEDOM.

    I knew I was on the right path for me. 😀

  3. “You know deep down whether or not you are leading an authentic life.”

    I LOVE that, Suzi! And authentic life.

    And you’re right.

    I’ve always been one to follow my heart rather than my purse strings because I know how I am….if I don’t feel PASSIONATE about something, no matter how much money I make, I won’t be successful. It’s scary at times (the unknown), but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    GREAT post, my friend! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a faaaaaaabulous Tuesday…..X

    • The weird thing is that sometimes the thing we were passionate for no longer is and then we have to makes changes to go with something else…oh, the adjustments!

  4. Oft times it takes great courage to choose the path that will bring you joy over the path that feels more secure. To those who manage to do it, the rewards can be unending.
    Only a child can show how much they’ve missed you with such openness. How great that is!

  5. I think with age comes a desire for security. It’s much easier to be fancy free and seek adventures in your earlier years. By the time you reach 60, creature comforts are more important than excitement. I guess I think it’s a trade off. Lord knows I’ve had adventures and now I have the memories of them.

  6. I suspect there’s a part of all of us that itches for freedom. That’s why immigrants leave home and travel to another place. Why people leave a “secure” job and strike out on a different path. You’re right in saying it’s a trade off, for it surely is!

    • I think we take secure jobs because we are responsible, and later when we can afford otherwise we do what we need to for ourselves, like follow dreams or take up new hobbies.

  7. I had tons of freedom when I was younger. I still do in many ways, but I guess I don’t want that much freedom. I used to travel on lecture tours, sleeping in my car in strange cities, pioneering subjects that were still almost taboo, fighting for life, liberty, and the dignity of the soul, not to mention spreading a bigger picture that some people vigorously opposed.

    I don’t want to do that now. I’m not sorry I did it in the past, but, as Suzi said, my desires have changed, security seems more attractive than it did then, and adjustments have to be made.

    • I’ve always craved security, but I’ve usually managed to work in the things I love even if not doing them for a living. Like right now, I love what I do but I”d like at some point to shift into what is really calling me.

  8. Priorities change with age, health and safety. For me, accepting those changes are a part of doing this aging thing with a degree of decorum.

    Peace and comfort in my own skin is a must. When either is threatened, I know my clarity is within. My heart holds the feelings and my intellect will help me suss them out. It feels best when there’s no decision – the path is that obvious.

  9. Sometimes in security you also find freedom. If you have a job that allows you enough money to pay bills and do things you want to do. Blessed are those who love what they do and can actually make a living off of it . . . . following their heart and paying their bills.

    And we do make choices about our freedom every day. Interesting post!

  10. I am faced with a job decision this month. I love, truly love, both jobs I have been doing for the past 20 years and I have to choose between them (I can’t do both any more – they have both grown too big for one person). What I hate most about my decision is that one offers job security and the other does not. I did not want my decision to be based on that, but that is what it seems to come down to. Either way, I will be choosing to add more freedom to my life … work had taken it over.
    Great post Suzi at a very coincidental time for me … you have added to my decision thoughts.

  11. It’s not always easy, and sometimes you have to go three steps forward and two steps back a few times until you get it worked out, but trading security for freedom is definitely trading ‘up’! Thanks for the reminder today that freedom truly is a need we should pursue.

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