A Day Without Expectation

Do you ever feel as if you squander time?

Do you feel you must be productive every minute?

Part of life is resting, taking the time to recharge.

We must make time to do nothing, to enjoy being with ourselves.

Try to let go of your schedule for one day and see where life takes you.

Just go with the flow, no expectations or agendas. Let the moment guide you.

When we learn to listen to solitude we will hear our souls speak.

Sit awhile and listen. Learn to be quiet with yourself.

You might just be amazed at what you hear yourself say.

You might even find you like yourself more than you thought.

Remember what it feels like to do something you enjoy.

Be your own best friend today.

Living in the Gap

February 19, 2012 – Time Together

Family and friends. Three generations. Hugs. Smiles. Laughter. The sharing of both memories and dreams. Conversations to the left of me, conversations to the right. I catch a little of this a bit of that. I try to follow it all, but some gets mixed up in translation…such is life; such is family and friends. I love being with people I love. Life is great.

31 thoughts on “A Day Without Expectation

  1. I feel like you are describing a lost skill. I often loose myself trying to be productive and my mind becomes too cluttered to enjoy quiet time. I get swallowed by this cycle where I convince myself I don’t deserve time to do nothing because I have not been productive enough to earn it. In reality, I am not productive because I have not allowed myself a quiet, reflective day free of expectations. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I no longer feel a need to be productive all of the time; in fact I could use a bit more of the need to be productive I think.
    As for time together, it is the glue that binds.

  3. Excellent share, Suzi!

    “Part of life is resting, taking the time to recharge.

    We must make time to do nothing, to enjoy being with ourselves.”

    I so agree, and try to make time on my days off to do just that.

    It’s amazing to me that when I spend quite time doing nothing but being still, I hear more inspiration than I do when actively try to pursue it.

    Have a super Sunday, my friend….X

  4. I tend to go with the flow most days . . . asking, “What do I want to do now?”

    Although it may sound “self-indulgent,” when we listen to our internal compass, we usually start to want to do what helps us be healthier and happier . . . while helping others find their way.

    On with the dance!

  5. Beautiful post! Sundays used to be days of doing nothing, resting within ourselves, befriending ourselves. Those days, sad to say, have passed. Now we rush around madly, trying desperately to play catch-up from the week just past and get-ahead for the week to come. It’s our loss, too.

  6. I have a hard time just ‘doing nothing’. There’s always so much to do, I feel like I should be doing something instead. That being said, we just went camping for two days (which forced me to break from schedule) and it was lovely 🙂

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