A Cistern Of Creativity

Cistern at Fort Monroe

“The soul should always stand ajar. Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” – Emily Dickinson

Our minds are like cisterns.

While cisterns catch the rainwater and store for later use, our minds are an infinite flow of ideas. Instead of letting those thoughts pass through like an empty tube, we need to learn to file them for later creative use. It’s amazing what you can come up with if you step away and take another look a bit later.

Cisterns need regular inspection and to be kept clean for daily usage.

Our minds need to be open to receive information and exercised regularly for optimal performance.

The way to grow creatively is to create. We need only give life to our ideas.

We are each creative. We only must learn to trust our instincts to go with the flow within.

We live in a creative world. Inspiration is all around us.

Use all of your senses. Look. Listen. Feel. Taste. Smell.

Live in your world and see what your world gives back to you.

Collect those ideas. Let them develop. Use them.

Allow yourself the freedom to express yourself.

When the creative impulse hits, go for it!

Living in the Gap

February 11, 2012 – Happy Dog!

Dirt Man had been out of town for a few days on a business trip. He snuck in the front door…well, he didn’t sneak in, but Wylie wasn’t expecting him. She came charging across the room nearly knocking me down. She was determined to get to him first. She wedged herself between us, thrashing our legs with her twisting torso as she tangoed back and forth and circled around him. She drooled all over his shirt, licked his face, and sniffed him from head to toe. I was happy to see him as well…however, I refuse to lick and snort him!

30 thoughts on “A Cistern Of Creativity

  1. Great advice, but what do you do with creative impulses that strike at one o’clock in the morning as mine have a nasty habit of doing? If I tell them to come back later, they go away and sulk indefinitely.
    With your refusal to compete, aren’t you in danger of Dirt Man thinking Wylie loves him more than you do? 🙂

  2. Suzi, is always impresses me how you use things to create an inspiring analogy.

    This was brilliant!

    In all honesty, I had no idea what a cistern even was before you shared it here. So thanks for teaching me something new!

    Beautiful photograph. That blue sky is incredible!

    Have a super Saturday, my friend…..X

    • The sky is pretty in this picture. I remember while we were taking pics we were a little disappointed as clouds really add character to photos. Always happy to educate! Some islands still use cisterns for water use.

  3. That cistern makes a much nicer photo than the one that was ih my first house in New York state! Yours is quite lovely, actually.
    Did you at least wag your tail in your happiness to see Dirt Man?

  4. Isn’t it wonderful how exuberant our dogs get when we’ve been gone from them for awhile?! Even if it’s only a few hours, my Sheltie goes NUTS when I walk back in the house! We should all be so lucky to be so loved!

  5. Pups make me laugh. I go out the front door and down the front stairs to the mail box. I come back up, and I’m greeted like I’ve been gone for weeks. You really should like and snort your husband and do a bit of wagging. You’ll get more jewelry if you do.

  6. I refer to our Golden as my hubby’s girlfriend. She adores him and will greet him like he was gone for days even if he just went to the garage to get something. Me? She’ll greet me if it’s meal time and he isn’t home.

  7. I’ve been feeling so very UN-creative lately. It’s really starting to bug me a lot. The days are jam-packed with obligations and responsibilities…I’m starting to feel very trapped.

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