The Gift Of Hope

Image by Rebecca at Altared Spaces. When my brother was dying, Rebecca sent me this photo showing me she was burning a candle for my brother and she was breathing for me when I felt unable. I was grateful for this act of kindness as it filled my heart with hope.

Where do we find hope?

We feel it in the fingers outstretched to pick us up when we have fallen.

We see it in the smile of the homeless woman pushing her cart through the mist as the early morning sun warms her back.

We hear it in the whisper of wind as it curves its way through the tree limbs.

We taste it as the first snowflakes of winter melt against the heat of our tongues.

We smell it in the earthy aroma of cedar, pine, and moss as they caress one another in the forest.

The sight of flaming vigil candles provide comfort and release to those who care.

We share the glimmer of a child’s eyes as his bat meets the ball and sends it soaring through the air.

The outstretched lip of words escaping the soul turns to song and stirs our hearts.

Flesh that wipes away another’s tears absorbs the sadness and helps carry the load.

The sway of dance that moves one to action becomes a ripple in the pond.

An open palm of acceptance, a belonging, is priceless.

Hope felt is personal. Hope expressed has the potential to be global.

Hope of the heart is meant to be shared.

Give the gift of a kind word, smile, hug, or more. Be the ripple in the pond.

We’re each a part of the collective hope that spins the world one heartbeat at a time.

Information and guidelines can be found here.

It is true that as a general rule I do not accept awards. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment, but it is time consuming and selfishly I’d rather be writing or visiting other blogs and commenting. However, I am breaking my own rule. Judith at I Choose How I Will Spend The Rest Of My Life honored me with this nomination. Part of the acceptance is the nomination of another person. I am passing this along to Amy at Soul Dipper as she exemplifies the criteria of promoting hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people.

Living in the Gap

February 10, 2012 – Hope

In keeping with my blog theme today, I’m going to share a few moments where I saw hope in action today.

The sun peeks over the tree tops and illuminates the neighborhood.

Purple vinca blooms bend back and forth in the passing of a gentle breeze.

A two year old blows raspberries at his crying infant brother and enfolds him in his arms.

Another small child mouths incoherent (to my ears) words to her friend and smiles in an effort to join in play.

My dog wags her tail, salivates, and shifts her eyes from her feeding bowl to me and back again.

The phone rings, and alas it is NOT a telemarketer!

I receive a pleasant email that is NOT a forwarded message.

A flickering candle fills the air with the sweet scent of dune grass.

My chest rises and falls as I breathe in the day.

39 thoughts on “The Gift Of Hope

  1. SuziCate, thank you so very much. You mentioned this at the weekly Occupy Blogosphere but I had no idea what I was to discover. I was absorbed in your descriptions of hope and was in fact still thinking about the homeless woman with the sun on her back. Then I saw it.

    If there ever was an award for which I could only dream of qualifying, it is this one. Truly, SuziCate, I am so honoured.

    I feel the same as you about awards – they are very time consuming and I find it so hard to pass on to some and not all.

    But – OMIGOD – I’ll accept this one. It’s my MISSION!!

  2. breathing in the day – what an awesome visual this is.
    You are an honoured recipient of this award as you fill us regularly with light, love and hope as does Soul Dipper. I am humbled to have you both as part of my blogging community.
    Walk in beauty, you do!

  3. The hope in a dog’s eyes as it watches whether its emptied bowl will magically re-fill — something mine does at least twice a day! Congrats on your award, and have a wonderful weekend!

    • Isn’t it funny how they do that? Mine even knows how many scoops she gets and won’t start eating until it’s all in her bowl! She’ll look up at me until I put it in there!

  4. Suzi, this post is absolutely beautiful!

    And I just love your finish….

    “Hope felt is personal. Hope expressed has the potential to be global.

    Hope of the heart is meant to be shared.

    Give the gift of a kind word, smile, hug, or more. Be the ripple in the pond.

    We’re each a part of the collective hope that spins the world one heartbeat at a time”

    You said it….be the ripple in the pond!

    And how thoughtful, kind, and loving of Rebecca 🙂

    Congrats on receiving this award, because you SO deserve it.

    ((((( You ))))))

    Have a great weekend, my friend…..X

  5. Congrats on the award. It is a meaningful; not one of the glorified chain-letter types.

    Your take on hope is lovely.

    On the other side of this coin, sad indeed are the hopeless. Where not even hope remains, all purpose in living has been taken away.

  6. This week I’ve been paying attention to my blessings and recording them. I receive so many every day – but I overlook them. I think I’ll keep journalling them. This practice gives me hope.

    • It is amazing how blessed we are…we just need to notice!
      I think that’s a great practice you’ve started. You’ll find how everything changes when you’re appreciative of the little things.

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